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About the Writers

Ajit Anthony Prem – Founder of Ticklebooth

For much of his life, Ajit Anthony Prem lived peacefully and joyously in a fantasy world of his own making. One day, not too long ago, he found himself happily married. Since then he has boldly and quietly stepped onto the real world. However, if you spend enough time with Ajit, you will realize that the fantasy land has stepped out with him.

He constantly complains that time passes him, especially him, much too quickly. Though he cites Einstein’s Theory of Relativity as proof of such possibilities, he will admit he has neither read or understands (or even cares about) Einstein’s original reasoning.

His smaller than large life began in a big city in India. At the time, the great port city was called Madras but because of patriotic fervor that swept up after his family moved to New York, the city is sadly now called Chennai. As an Indian boy, Ajit loved his cricket (still does), he also loved Michael Jackson and Carl Lewis. If you had asked young Ajit what he would like to be when he grew up, his answer would have been: Olympic track athlete/ pop dancer/ actor/ film director/ Cricket all-rounder/ massage therapist/ President of the World. If the same question were posed today, his answer would be no different. Read his entire bio…

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DeK – Editor
At the end of the seventies, DeK was brought into existence on planet Earth. He was actually christened Salvatore, but later on Shub-Niggurath, the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young, appeared to him to tell him his Real Name. Waiting for The Time to come, DeK tried himself at writing short stories, composing music, shooting stupid movies with an handheld camera… But let’s face it. He’s too lazy for this stuff. Now, DeK spends his time pretending to be an Engineering and Information Technology student, while he’s actually enjoying movies, music, books and other stuff you can write a blog on. Yea, pie too.

Marc Miller – Contributor
I’m living the in NYC, welcoming the opportunities as they come. I’m co-founder of, and I continue to push it forward. I also own and operate MCM Productions.

I work my ass off, and although sometimes I feel as if I’m spinning my wheels, the momentum of opportunity continues to surge. I love creating visuals with a serious edge.

This city grinds on you, but I’m grinding back.
Felicia – Contributor

A New Yorker by spirit and a rural girl at heart, I am always working hard or on the go. Currently, I am the Assistant Editor for The Daily Reel. When I’m not watching thousands of online videos, I spend my time taking over Lala land one sunny day at a time. Before joining The Daily Reel staff, I worked in film and television production on such projects as Law and Order: SVU and Scorsese’s film The Departed.