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Submit Films

It is impossible for us to cover the entire internet looking for cool things to play. That is why we need you. These are the kinds of submissions we are looking for:

  1. You see a cool video online and you would like us to cover it. Wonderful, shoot us an email, we would love to look at it.
  2. You have done a film and you would like some word of mouth. Wonderful, shoot us an email, we would love to look at it. You can also share your filmmaking experiences with us like what was unique about the film, the shoot. Prefer if you: submit a video in which you also tell us you are the filmmaker, indicate you want to write something with the piece, we watch the video, we like it, we ask you for the story, you send story.
  3. Have a website or blog that points to cool videos. Wonderful, we will be glad to send you some link love.

Though I keep saying video, we link to anything that plays (a play button somewhere would be nice). In regards to our tastes and content, we are pretty broadminded, try us. If anything we are looking for is some creative spark.

So if you are ready to submit, shoot an email to

Checklist for the email:

We will not use your email for any other purposes, we will not have email lists. If you still cannot trust us, then leave a comment with the link.

Thank you.