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Dek’s Picks for 2006

Geeky Curiosity: Algorithm March
Lynchian Weirdness: Random Summer
Decadence: Humans
Stop Motion: Modern World
Stupid Smart: Foutaises
Love: Incantevole
Alienation: Elephants Dream
Cool Like That: Bathtime in Clerkenwell
Comedy: Canoodles
Cool Graphics: Tyger
Burton’s Universe: Vincent
Art: Mona Lisa descending a Staircase
Stunts: Les Kiriki
Bitter Aftertaste: Perfect Pictures for an imperfect world
Live: Arturo Brachetti
TV Shows: Monty Python – Spanish Inquistion
Be seduced: Beauty and the Beast
Human Ingenuity: Operation Rellim
Science Fiction: Fallen Featuring Locast
Politics: The End
Cute: Self Portrait
Kids POV: A Bus Ride and Flowers in her hair
Action: The Green Hornet
Hidden Beauty: Wind along the coast
War: The Bloody Circus
Parodies: Stich magenetic ribbons on your Suv
Pixney: PGI-13
Grab tissues: Aria
Exotic: The Tale of How
Grosss: Pubic Hair Fashion
Celebrity: Bart Simpson vs The White Stripes
Nature: Inner Life of a Cell
Stoned Like: Spiders
Disney: I love to Singa

What else is there
Adicolor video podcast
Worst Music Video
Since I left You
Wong Kar-Wai & DJ Shadow video
Artcade Head
The Fool looks at the finger that points to the sky
Little Terrorist
There are so many of us
Still Night
Its Halloween Charlie Brown
Martin Scorsese on Sesame Street

Ape escape Bush
Beauty is the Promise of Happiness
Round 5
Boldly closer
Alive in Jorburg
Sour Death balls
Over Time
The Wheel
Super Mario GTA
Smiling Addiction
No Fat Clips:

La Coda
Birthday Boy
Lux Provacateur
Cinema D’Europa
La Cabina
Heart of the World
Spokes on Wheel of Torment
Forest in Winter
Super Furry Animals
Music for one apartment and six drummers