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DeK’s Best of 2008

What would I take with me on New Year’s Island (which is also desert at the moment because we’re still on Old Year’s Land) and why?

Oomper Oomper: because what has an end will have a beginning.

Glory At Sea: because life is still a valuable thing

Shock and Awe: bacause life ain’t the only valuable thing we still got.

Toe Jam: for when I get bored…

Lucía: for that night time thrill…

Ark: because it’s really something!

Holtágban: because I want more like these!

Gorbachev, Bigger and Russianer: because it cracks me up!

Bitch: because love is in the air, or at least it should be…

Anthropology: …but too much love would kill you!

Still Life: because people should think twice.

How Much of a Woman: because I like parallel universes.

1973: because I like happiness.

Kemonozume: and I like good anime series too.

The Gloaming: because nightmares are not always just dreams.

White Winter Hymnal: because time requires an instruction manual.

Perfect Timing: because sometimes instruction manuals are only good to make a fire.

(hogar): because there ain’t such a thing like a perfect day.

La leyenda del espantapájaros: ’cause I like me some old fashioned story.

None of Us are Free: because things that should change, don’t.

Garbage Man: because sometime things actually change. Or you might hope so.

Big Buck Bunny: because I believe in open source.

Une Histoire Vertebrale: because I want to believe in more than that.

Aviator: because we need to believe.

A Micrometer from Here: because I actually need to know.

You Need a Quiet Place: Yes, I need it, full stop.

Squeeze me: because you are what you is.

Siempre me quedara: to remind how to forget the past.

Adjustment: to remind how to remind of the past.

Maig: to remind that there’s a future to live.

BONUS GAME: try to match the whys with the correct link!