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The Record Breaker

Errol Morris ESPN Team Spirit Film

Interesting subject. The Morris style almost seems to be fighting with the subject matter.

Shadow to Life

Simple and repetitive but in every repetition, there is something pleasurable to discover.


Cute and fun. (via Edit Blog)

Incredible Mountain Biking video

How the hell do those aerials. Can’t imagine RC helicopters have that much control?

On Assignment

So well done.

TMB Panyee FC short film

It is such an amazing story that it is hard to believe that it is based on the truth.

The Art Of Flight Trailer

So epic!! See it if you haven’t already. Obviously, the daring skateboarding is incredible but so is the pilot that is maneuvering the helicopter. It all adds up to some of the best stunt shots I’ve ever seen.

Serena Williams Sex Tips

Serena Williams Sex Tips

The Beauty of the Power Game

This New York Times video slideshow of top female tennis players hitting their strokes in slow motion is utterly beautiful. Elena Dementieva slice is more of a ballet move than a tennis stroke. The brief second Kim Clijsters takes to get back on her feet is a story onto itself.

Watch it.

Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean’s Blue Hole

Wow! World champion freediver Guillaume Nery dives into pure darkness.

(via Duncan)

La partita lenta (The Slow Game)

Director Paolo Sorrentino‘s film is about a rugby match as a metaphor in order to show how self confidence allows, even in a difficult situation, to move towards the goal.

13 Eme Rue – Biathlon

Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No

Fantastic story. The official website.

The Big Picture – Tough Guy Challenge 2009

Is it just me when I laugh instead of admiring these competitors? I think #14 has something to do with that.

The Photos.

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