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Mice race. Can a small mouse, Barbie, beat Tiger or Gioggolo, the masters of the game? For three young boys the answer is yes, but not everybody thinks the same.

Short movie written and directed by Péter Fazakas.

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Killing Michael Bay

Michael Bay is the classic Hollywood sell-out. Time for some payback:

Two disgruntled independent filmmakers kidnap Hollywood bigshot Michael (Pearl Harbor) Bay and plan to kill him for his crimes against cinema. Bay escapes and the chase is on…!

The cheesy chase is a lot of fun.

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Child Beater

Two little brother team up to defeat their child beating dad.

(No kids were harmed in the production of this movie.)

Watch it here or just Read more

Rampicante (Creeper)

A classic story of revenge from the grave. With some twists. And turns…

Rampicante is a short animation by Chiara Porri, Ernesto Mandara and Laura Guandalini. Tecnichal director: Juan Correa.

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Handsome Furs – Dumb Animals

Handsome Furs - Dumb AnimalsHandsome Furs - Dumb Animals

Here is another video that will be part of my best of 2007 list. This is simply fantastic. And like my other favorite from this year, there are a lot of slow zooms, a vague but potent plot, Lynch-like mood and visuals that keep your eyes glued.

The video is mildly disturbing, half of the energy in watching it is pleading with the characters to break free. But like any smart director would do, Panos Cosmatos avoids any such release.

On second watch, the classical plot features two lovers on their journey to be split up by strong, evil and parent-like forces.

Watch itYoutube – via antville

Update: Watched a couple more times, small things that I didn’t notice before now make an appearance. The editing is flawless. The length of the shots have no uniformity and for a music video that’s pretty daring. However, all of this works.

The long shot of the car on one side and road markings on the other, goes so beautifully with the music. I keep watching it over and over again, wondering if this was something that was found in the editing or planned in pre-production.

Arcade Fire- ‘My Body Is A Cage’ (Unofficial!)

Someone remixed the end of “Once Upon a time in the West” with the Arcade Fire song. One of the greatest scenes in my opinion. It is not a perfect match to the song but one does not disturb the other. Frankly, the original footage is so captivating that it is just nice to see it again with different music.

Watch itthe glorious original

Note: if you haven’t seen the movie, I suggest not watching either of these two pieces.

Update: BBC doc on the original film is quite good.

Stabbing at Leia’s 22nd Birthday Party

Fantastic short on kids watching one too many Star Wars films.

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Mr. Sulu Responds To Tim Hardaway

Here is George Takei, who is openly gay (played Mr. Sulu on Star Trek) responding to Tim Hardaway’s comments. Takei does a great job of poking fun at Hardaway’s ignorance by portraying the very stereotype Hardaway is so afraid of. The funny thing is, according to John Amaechi, Takei isn’t acting all that much different than NBA players act in the locker room.

No better way to handle this.

Watch and read

A Music Video from Karate Kid Villain


William Zabka, who began his career as Johnny in The Karate Kid, is now a creative director for Film and Television. A short movie he written, Most, gained an Oscar nomination in 2004.

In this music video he written and directed for No More Kings‘s song , he reunites the original original cast of the movie and relives the classic final fight the way he had always dreamed.

Watch Sweep the Leg here or here. (Flash Video)

via Milk and Cookies

Afro Samurai: Revenge


In a strange world of swords, guns, kimonos, cell phones and cybernetic body parts, Afro Samurai seeks revenge from a man called Justice who killed his father.

A lot of eye candy manga action for your pleasure, but the cherry top is that the voice actor is Samuel L. Jackson.

Watch Episode 1: Revenge. (Flash Video)

I Hate Drake

I Hate Drake

Painful and funny at the same time. The animated short is based on the diary of Will Nolan, who is complaining about a bully in school.

Watch it – via BB



The day slowly rises in a peaceful clearing where many live out of the harvests. But appearances are sometimes misleading, and the sudden arrival of a new neighbor will disturb the normal course of the things. (Thanks to Babelfish)
“Tom and Jerry”-like chaos ensues.

Another ESRA Sup’Infograph students movie, realized by Camille Campion, Dorian Fevrier, Frédéric Fourier, Frédéric Lafay and Olivier Sicot. Sound by Guillaume Halgand and Vincent Martinez.

Go for it! (DivX)

Ze Making of of the movie nothing is available as well.

Read the thread on CG Talk.

Friday the 13th: In 7 Minutes


James Avery put together nearly every kill scene from every Halloween Friday the 13th film, back to back, and in chronological order.

Warning: lots of tomato juice!!!

Watch it. (Flash)

(via Eyebeam reBlog)

Squigglebooth – Tuning Out Roadkill

Squigglebooth – Tuning Out Roadkill

War, Iraq, roadkill, childhood.

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OEDIPUS (with vegetables)

OEDIPUS (with vegetables)

I saw this a while back at a film festival, the classic story of Oedipus Rex told with vegetables. Very entertaining. Just goes to show that vegetables can be fun and exciting.

Watch it – via Neatorama

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