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Obama Debunks Birther Conspiracy

Howard Dean rips the wussy Democrats

I miss Howard Dean. Can you think of a better guy that had the balls to do and say what he believed in?

William Shatner reads Palin’s Speech as poetry

Pundit Pandering

New Live Poll Allows Pundits To Pander To Viewers In Real Time

Otherwise titled “CNN, we kiss butt!”

News Flash: Iran crisis isn’t about American Bravado

Daily Show’s hilarious take:

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Crisis in Iran
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Political Humor Jason Jones in Iran

Obama reacts to reports he is being too weak in his statements about Iran:

Will the rigged elections mean real change in Iran?

Obama roasts Washington

I love how he rips Steele/Republicans/Limbaugh.

Watch it.

The Uncler parodies The Wrestler (Dang! this is fantastic)

A perfect parody of of The Wrestler which precedes some college student’s future thesis of how The Wrestler was really a portrait of America. 

Watch it (oh, here is the trailer for The Wrestler)

Jim Cramer on Colber Report

I love this. Every time they cut to Cramer, puppies play in the background which causes the audience to laugh. Perfect.

Watch it.

Bill Clinton explains Obama’s stimulus beautifully

I am coming around on the stimulus bill partly because I am getting over the amount of money spent, what that money will take away from (Universal health care) but more importantly I trust Obama and team know are better equipped in finding answers than I am.

Look how well Bill Clinton expresses the reasoning behind this.

Oliver Stone’s P

Sarah Palin in a nutshell.

Watch it.

Bill O’Reilly: The Good, The Bad

Watch it.

Slowly getting back to the swing of things.

Change in America

I believe Obama will win tonight but like many people I am nervous that something can go awfully wrong. So if you aren’t glued to your televisions, join me, in what I hope is not a long night but an historic one. I will post relevant video that you may not find in other outlets.

Final Note: I am so in awe of this human being. I look forward to see him at work. I have learned so much about leadership from him, I hope to learn more. This should go without saying, the Obama supporters are probably the greatest bunch of supporters one can have. I wish they would get even more credit.

Great great day. America rocks.

Morning after: Election joys and Woes. And this beautiful photo essay by New York Times titled Singing for freedom.

12:55am – Elections reactions photos.

12:28am – Amazing Voting photos.

12:12am – Such a restrained speech. So much humility. He is not boasting, he wants unity.

12:03am – “the next first lady Michelle Obama…”

12:00am – President Obama. Let it sink in.

11:59pm – I can’t help feel a little paranoia with him standing there in plain sight.

11:57pm – Acceptance speech. I am already crying.

11:18pm – MSNBC cuts from Jesse Jackson crying to McCain’s concession speech.

11:10pm – AP calls Florida for Obama. Virginia should follow. I am teary-eyed, my wife is crying in joy.

11:00pm – Obama annointed President-elect by Media. Wooohooooooo!!!!!!!

10:54pm – Fox calls Virginia for Obama. Oh yea! Waiting on North Carolina.

10:32pm – I am already celebrating. I apologize as I slowly slip away.

10:00pm – Iowa now on Obama’s tally.

9:53pm – Karl Rove, thanks for being such a jerk. Sad scenes at Fox.

9:41pm – Says it all. Laughing my head off.

9:33pm – Celebration Music. Change Is Gonna Come.

9:31pm – OVER!!!! MSNBC calls New Mexico for Obama. 2nd Bush state to flip.

9:26pm – It is close to being over.

9:22pm – MSNBC calls Ohio for Obama!!! First Bush state to flip.

9:21pm – Palin on robocalls. Hilarious.

9:10pm – It is going to be a long night. Indiana and Virginia might be decided late tonight.

9:01pm – MSNBC “Arizona: Too close to call.” Hahahahahah!

8:57pm – They are already celebrating in Ireland.

8:54pm – Muppets “Mahna Mahna”

8:53pm – Nate Silver: “Obama is outperforming Kerry by a 12-15 point net in the Eastern half of the Virginia.”

8:49pm – From Daily Kos: “Yeah, Obama is down 100,000 votes in Virginia, but there have been hardly any votes reported from the very large and very solid blue NoVa counties — Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax. Just wait — it took Webb a while to lock that race down in 2006, largely because NoVa came in slower. Everything is cool — Virginia is still very much in play.”

8:37pm – Obama has to win some combination of Indiana, Virgina, Florida, Colorado, New Mexico to get past the Kerry threshold. Colorado and New Mexico should be solid gains for Obama but we will see.

8:36pm – MSNBC calls Georgia for McCain. I am a little surprised.

8:31pm – Kay Hagan wins NC Senate Race. YESSSSSS!!!!

8:26pm – Economy was a big issue in Pennsylvania, reports MSNBC.

8:24pm – Watching MSNBC and its reporting on Florida Ballots. Reporter says “has shades of 2000 all over again.” Great (sarcasm).

8:21pm – If you want to keep tabs with the votes, check and Daily Kos electoral map.

8:15pm – If Obama wins Florida. It is over. He will have enough before we reach California.

8:03pm – “Too close to call in Alabama” !!!

8:01pm – If this is true, it is over. Pennsylvania was the key for McCain.

8:00pm – MSNBC calls Pennsylvania for Obama!! YES YES YES! So is New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Maine, Delaware, Washington DC and New Hampshire.

7:59pm – They still haven’t called Indiana. This is awesome. Obama is trailing.

7:45pm – Watchin McCain on his plane talking to the press on TV. I thought he was conceding. Nope. A little too early.

7:38pm – Sarah Palin vs John McCain debate each other. Awesome!

7:33pm – Indiana Polling Place Shut Down By Squirrel.

7:31pm – Crazy election day stories. Some of this are outright scary.

7:23pm – Scott on Gchat says this about Sarah the Pretty Woman: “have u noticed, she’s downgraded her wardrobe the past couple days to jeans….she’s Sarah the regular girl now.” Good point.

7:20pm – – Boy, that was fast! A tidbit on what to expect.

7:14pm – One of my favorite blogs in this election has been, their final prediction is Obama: 349 to McCain: 189. Whoah!

7:02pm – After casting her vote, Sarah Palin says “…because, forever, I am going to be Sarah from Alaska”. Yes I hope that stays that way and not “Sarah from Washington” because I prefer Joe the Biden to Joe the Plumber/Sixpack.

6:59pm – Video celebrating an incredible Obama’s campaign

6:57pm – SuperBarack

John McCain vs Barack Obama dance-off

One of the best videos of this long political season.

Watch it – via Kottke.

La pasion de la decision: Episode 5

This video is the fifth in a series of spoofs of telenovelas, presented on the Voto Latino website. Rosario Dawson describes it as their answer to Sarah Silverman‘s The Great Schlep.

Starring and directed by Wilmer Valderrama, Rosario Dawson, Perez Hilton, Jane Fonda, Tony Plana, Mayte Garcia, Nick Zano, with a cameo by Vida Guerra, Malverde, Chana, Alysha del Valle and Upground.

Music produced by Marthin Chan. Lyrics by Rosario Dawson.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

via GreenCine and Wilshire & Washington

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