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Cat Diaries

If you have ever wondered what your pet does all day, well here is a taste. All that drama happening daily all around you.

(via PetaPixel)

10 Breathtaking Videos of Swarming Birds

One of the most captivating things in nature. I could watch this all day.

Check it here.

RSA Animate

I simply love these. See all of them here. These are my favorites:

The Majestic Plastic Bag – A Mockumentary

We seem to cover stories of plastic bags more often than you’d think.

Heimo’s Arctic Refuge: Full Length

Not for the faint of heart.

In 1980, Jimmy Carter established the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the Alaskan Interior, cutting off 19 million acres of prime boreal wilderness from the mitts of fur trappers, oil tycoons, and would-be lodge owners alike. Only six families of white settlers were grandfathered in and allowed to keep cabins in the refuge—of them, only one still stays there year-round living off the land. His name is Heimo Korth, and he is basically the Omega Man of America’s Final Frontier.

Bowerbirds “In Our Talons”

The ending is beautifully tragic. Thanks for taking such bold chances.


A beautifully conceived dance film with steadicam work that is out of this world.

Watch it.

The American Dollar

Switch to fullscreen, it is gorgeous. Powerful stuff.

After hearing work from ‘The American Dollar’ we really felt the urge to create a music video for one of their new songs. Inspired by the music we had the idea of making a decaying world. One single cameramovement from left to right, showing a landscape, looping 9 times. Day becomes night and even the seasons go by. After we finished the production, we decided to reverse the whole video. This gives you a seamingly happy end, but you know what’s going to happen. There are no lyrics and we did not pay attention to the title of the song, we just felt this was the right thing to do.

(via Andy Coon)

Sweet Dreams

A stalwart cupcake yearning to find something beyond his world of sugar cube skyscrapers and frosting-covered friends. When his makeshift boat crashes on foreign shores, he makes a shocking discovery that changes him forever.

A stop animated short film by Kirsten Lepore.

Watch Sweet Dreams.

Spiders On Drugs

This is old but I just saw and laughed my ass off! Thanks Mags!

Earth – The Pale Blue Dot

Can’t resist Carl Sagan’s voice and timelapse combo. Via Gruber.

Chiapas, Sak Tzevul

Some astonishing imagery from Frank Beltrán. Compression is very harsh on some sequences, but whatever…

Watch it.

Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean’s Blue Hole

Wow! World champion freediver Guillaume Nery dives into pure darkness.

(via Duncan)

Another Story Without Words

(via Ehrensenf)

The Light of Life

One of the best!

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