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Jim Cramer on Colber Report

I love this. Every time they cut to Cramer, puppies play in the background which causes the audience to laugh. Perfect.

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Daily Show: CNBC Gives Financial Advice

Jon Stewart rips CNBC a new one. The dumbest thing I keep hearing is that the government should punish the homeowners and not the lenders.

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Steve Brodner – Meltdown

Another excellent rendering from the New Yorker.

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Credit Crunch

It’s the hot new cereal that’s low in price!

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Flash Video on my source, Ehrensenf.

The Last Laugh: How the Markets Really Work

Like America, some of the greatest British journalists and analysts also happen to be comedians. Watching The Last Laugh with John Bird (in the guise of investment banker, George Parr) and John Fortune (together known as the Long Johns), the same can certainly be said in Britain as well.

This is a transcript of this insightful comedian team who brilliantly and accurately describe the mindset of the investment banking community in this satirical interview. It was especially insightful considering this was recorded last year.

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Katie Couric interviews Sarah Palin: Funniest interview of the year!!

This is funnier than any SNL writer can possibly think up. The final question and answer is just one of funniest moments of this election season. When Palin tries to insult Obama by saying he blows with the wind, she licks her finger and puts it up in the air. Hahahah! She is entertaining in the way Bush was.

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Update: Second part of the interview is even more absurd. I challenge anyone who thinks this person is competent enough to be the President. Longer version.

Pièces détachées

Paul (Antoine Coesens Lazaro), an obsessive casino player, finds himself with lots of debts and it is threatened with death by Benjamin Stern (Jean Claude Dauphin), his creditor. His friends now refuse to lend any money, he then decides to commit the unthinkable: sell one of its organs […] But by committing this act against nature, Paul puts his finger in a grim spiral that takes him to the borders of madness and death.

The short movie has been written and directed by Sébastien Drouin and produced by himself and Pierre Buffin at BUF.

Watch it here or here.

The film is in French language, with no subtitles!

Grace Jones – Corporate Cannibal

Molten, hell, corporate.

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Hoop Dream (entire film available)

This film is constantly voted the best documentary of all time. It is available in full at Hulu in 420p HD. Cannot get better than that online.

The film remains relevant just like it did when it first came out. Two young basketball players struggle to fulfill a common dream which is to make to the NBA. The two kids have contrasting styles and personalities, each story could have made a great documentary in of itself. But together, the stories highlight the hi’s and lo’s of each story even better. Once in a lifetime kind of movie.

Watch it (via Kottke)

Oil Addiction

If we’re addicted to oil, our twelve-step program should begin with admitting that we have a problem. As the price of oil creeps higher, finding new energy sources is more important than ever. But the search for alternatives, combined with environmental disruptions, is putting new pressures on other essentials like food. There are some things that are going well in the world. Right now, the economy is not one of them.

Animation and design: Chris Weller. Directed by Max Joseph. Music: Genesis by Justice.

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from Good Magazine

Easy Pickins

Home Alone but with a old lady instead of a kid. Sounds cliche, well it is. But thoroughly enjoyable.

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Bizarre: Oregon family robbed by victims of fake Craigslist ad

I have to wonder about the people who were “duped” into stealing.

Watch CNN report

Bullet Proof Vest

Bullet Proof Vest

The black & white cinematography beautifully highlights the harsh realities of a “lost generation.” As always, when you let kids ramble on, you get the most truthful assessment of what a situation feels like. This is a classic.

Watch it.

Corporate Whore


Stop motion short film that tells the story of a female professional.

Strictly crafted with elements found in an office setting such as PowerPoint slides, photo copies and fluorescent lighting, it’s perfect for when you feel penciled in.

Written, directed and produced by A.M. Peters.

Watch it in hi res or low res.

Review of There Will Be Blood

Wow! Director Paul Thomas Anderson flexes some serious filmmaking muscle in this film. This is the Raging Bull of our times, less optimistic (imagine that), less character arc but they do share the same theme: a strong character who cannot escape from himself. In Raging Bull, the redemption or the self awareness comes, in There Will Be Blood, there is not even a hint of such notions.

The obvious checklist: great acting: check; best acting performance by Daniel Day Lewis: check; incredible detail to costumes and times: check; great supporting cast: check; great directing: check; great cinematography: check; fantastic editing: check; powerful story: check.

So all the great reviews you have read about this movie are true.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the film that you will not hear about:

– Daniel Plainview comes to a small farm to check out a family who are sitting on a valuable oil reserve and don’t know it. He shows up with his son pretending to be shooting quail. The family patriarch, Abel Sunday (played by David Willis) comes out to greet him. The scene is slow and awkward but real. Anderson and the actors weren’t simply recreating an awkward moment, they are recreating a moment from the early 1900’s (I can only guess, of course). David Willis is simply incredible, he manages to play a character without a brain, a simple minded man. Of all the great acting in the film, his performance manages to stand out.

– Another great piece of acting from David Willis is the close-up shot of him eating, right after Daniel Plainview has beaten up his son. At first, he seems to have taken a stand against Daniel but the following close-up of his son (played by a wonderful Paul Dano) indicates that he is actually standing up to his son. Willis manages to show his simple minded choice of ignoring the problem but all the while knowing what is at stake. Fantastic.

–  When the baby strokes Daniel Plainview’s face on the train. Such an easy moment to indicate that he is going to father the child. Simple, no fancy shots of paper signing or whatever.

– The bowling alley in Plainview’s house is one of the best set pieces I have ever seen. Seriously, how cool is that. And Daniel chasing Paul around the back, it is playful. You forget how powerful those bowling pins can be. Which is wonderfully relevant to what happens next.

– The final line “I am finished” can be interpreted in so many different ways. From what is just happened to what will happen in the future to the actual movie.

– When Daniel talks about the peachtree dance hall and his brother can’t remember. My reaction to the information mimicked Daniel Day Lewis’.

One of the greatest movies of all time.

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