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The Phone Call

(via Kottke)


The Runners

Blessing in Disguise



A string of imagery set in a way to create possibilities, not necessarily a confined story. Beautifully shot with a special interest in spaces.

Tumbleweed Tango

85 Seconds

What a brilliant way to show off your product!

Speed Dating

Here is the sad truth behind those crappy relationships.


A lovely short by Disney Animation. The style is a mix of modern and old. The story, especially the resolution, is classic Disney. That’s where it kinda disappoints. We like magic on screen, it works but the resolution I wished came from the non-magical. Still, I loved it.

Stanley Pickle

Full of lovely little ideas.


Good performances.

Moving Takahashi

Ambitious short! I miss shorts like this. There is a full story here instead of a structure hiding a viral idea which is where most shorts live nowadays. Each has its merits. The character driven shorts get no play online but plenty in the festival circuit but I think even that’s shifting.

(via No Film School)

It’s time.

Apt title. The short is perfectly tailored for our times.

(via Gruber)

Father and Daughter

Heartbreaking! Beautiful in showing the passage of time.

– via Dek on Facebook :)

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