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Another reason the iPhone blows away the competion

Is there another phone or handheld device that can do this?

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It is like being able to see behind a curtain. From Gizmodo:

Processing is an open source programming language designed for visual artists, “created to teach fundamentals of computer programming within a visual context and to serve as a software sketchbook and professional production tool.” Originally developed at the MIT Media Lab, it’s a free alternative to fancy, expensive, proprietary software tools. And man, can you make some cool stuff with it. This video, created by Glenn Marshall using Processing, is called Metamophosis. Featuring music by the incomparable Boards of Canada, it’s a remarkable testament to what you can create with a simple programming language if you’ve got the chops.

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Font Conference

I love the description:

This video wasn’t long enough, so we made it double-spaced.

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Pulse is a live visualisation of the recent emotional expressions written on the private weblogs of platform. These emotional expressions are parsed according to a list of synonyms and transform a physical shapeshifting object.

Go for it!

Covering Euro 2008: Video technology

Pretty cool stuff.

How to Catch Your Girl Cheating Using GoogleMyMaps

Google Maps is truly the creepiest Google product. Earlier


Thanks Andy.

Dramatization of Bill Gates email complaining about Windows

Love it!!!! He speaks for a generation.

The Five Most Powerful Movie Computers

Wired has all the geeky goodness.

Gnar Wars

They have managed to make even skateboarding uncool.

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Pork and Beans

The dysfunctional family of internet celebrities come together for this Weezer song.

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3 Days in April

Another test video by Philip Bloom that walks and talks like an art film. This time, he is testing out the unreleased but recently announced Sony EX3.
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Balloons to wire America?

Brilliant but crazy idea.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is considering either a partnership or a full-on buyout of Space Data Corp—a company that provides balloon-based wireless networks. If you think that seems a little strange, consider this: the balloons can help bring wireless service to individuals in rural areas and they can be launched on the cheap—about $50 to launch the balloon, $1500 for the receiver, and a $100 finder’s fee for recovery after the balloon returns to earth.

The one major problem is that the balloons only survive for about 24 hours before they are destroyed in the upper atmosphere. However, if that shortcoming can be overcome, Google could build wireless networks using a 700 Mhz spectrum in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional cell towers. And as a BusinessWeek article from last month revealed, Space Data believes it can cover the whole country with a WiMax broadband network with just 370 balloons. Compare that with the 22,000 or so towers that would be necessary using traditional methods. It may be non-traditional but it is a dammed good idea. My mind has just been blown.

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Robots can’t act: Pulp Fiction

Saw this mentioned on G4’s Attack of the Show.

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Google Appartment View

Don’t turn around.

iPhone pocket guitar

This isn’t a geeky blog by any means but I can’t help but marvel at this.

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