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The Phone Call

(via Kottke)

The Runners

The Photo Man

Mark Kologi has collected and sold literally millions of forgotten personal photos of complete strangers.

This is Water

The message is everything. (via Daring Fireball)


This short is wonderfully ambitious with its storytelling. The underlying intent: “The larger our past gets the smaller our present feels” is given a world to live in. The animation invites you in with layers of textures and ideas.

Stanley Pickle

Full of lovely little ideas.


If You’ve Never Been to Karachi, You’ve Never Been Killed

This is incredible ballsy journalism. Mingling with some of the most dangerous people on this planet in one of the craziest, most violent cities with an educated, skeptical commentary to round it off. The top video is part one of 5. The rest are below.

Rhett & Link – Taxidermy commercial

Brilliant. I wish every commercial were this awesome. Part of the Rhett & Link show on IFC.

MIDWAY IV – A dream of a dying Albatross

So good to be reminded about how profound a death of an Albatross can be. Lovely!

Part of a fascinating project by Chris Jordan. More info here.

(via Chase Jarvis)


Haunting imagery with a vague semblance of a storyline. Effective nevertheless.


Films goes in a full circle. Lovely thought-provoking idea translated beautifully.

(via No Film School)

Finish Line

What happens when you die? A question we all ask. Here is a web series that asks its subject this one question. Answers presented in a raw uncut format.

Check it out here.


A film full of ideas realized brilliantly by Robin Schmidt. Just lovely!! Vote for this film in the Driven Creativity competition. The filmmaker has new trailer out for his feature and it looks very promising.

Between Bears

Gorgeous animation.

my graduation film at bezalel academy of art and design. a debt to my childhood and other lives i hope i lived. inspired by words of songs that i admire.

Bowerbirds “In Our Talons”

The ending is beautifully tragic. Thanks for taking such bold chances.

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