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This is Water

The message is everything. (via Daring Fireball)

Chris Jordan on The Midway Project

I’ve stopped drinking out of plastic bottles. This is a good reminder to me on why that is a good choice.

There is a videoblog of Chris’ journey to midway.


Three lives, three identities, three points of view. Set against the harsh backdrop of inner city London, Fear/Love interweaves the lives of three adolescents as they struggle with who they are, who they want to be and who they are becoming.

Directed, written and edited by Rob Chiu. Produced for the I Care Revolution.

Watch Fear/Love.


In the aftermath of an atrocity, Peter, a paramilitary, is confounded by a detective’s questioning. An answer might offer a kind of redemption to both men but threatens to condemn Peter to a long prison sentence. Does he know the answer?

A short film by Billy McCannon.

Watch it.

Arabic Films: The Mother Of All Foreign Films

A series of five funny idents for television station Melody Aflam tells the truth behind Braveheart, Dances with Wolves, Titanic, Rocky and Seven.

Created at Leo Burnett. Directed by Mohamed Hamdalla at Lighthouse Film.

Watch ’em.

Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer

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A sentence or two crediting the authors of the video.

Link to watch the video.

Driftless: Stories from Iowa


Not a lick of music till the very end. The silence, intermingled with the subjects speaking, is very effective. Of course, the imagery is just tremendous. Beautiful, something I’d love to imitate.

Watch it.

Last Day Dream

Someone’s whole life in 45 seconds (in first person perspective). Simply amazing.

Watch it

Seat 29E

A complaint letter written to Continental Airlines about a seat located next to the bathroom.

A short film by Elena Wen.

Watch it. (Flash Video)



The 20th century from an absurd point of view, a lesson of our shameful history. A perfect 3D animation. From the beginning of the second World War this film leads you trough the history of power, money and wars related to them.

Directors: Andreas Thaulow, Thomas Øhlenshlæger.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Salaryman 6


The mundane and repetitive life of the salaryman is shown in detail as he attempts to piece together his life using the aid of a pocket camera, after losing his memory.

Short film by Ne-O (Jade Knight and Ryoko Tanaka)

The wide aspect ratio and the cold photography gives it a sort of “nightmarish real” visual quality.

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Download. (MPEG-4)

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The 25th Hour: Fuck All!

Edward Norton delivers one of the best “love letters” ever written to the city of New York, in the 2002 Spike Lee film based on David Benioff‘s novel.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Necessary(?) Censorship

Evidence number one: Sally Field on Fox at the Emmy Awards 07.

CensoredUncensored (on CTV)

Evidence number two: Iraq for Sale at the Congress. Republicans insisted this not be shown.

Banned excerpts.

When The President Talks To God

The Bright Eyes live on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. A brilliant execution.

Watch it. (Quicktime)

Watch it. (Flash Video)

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