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Hey! Wazzup! Make Up!

LOL. Just LOL.

StSanders shreds The Rolling Stones.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Agamemnon Counterpart

In 2571 in the heap of crushed stone among the ruins of that not determined turn blue planet it was found video cassette. The fact that you intend to see, has to it no relation. This is completely different record.

Now available in the gorgeously new De-Mastered Lo-Fi High Definition Pixel Stretch Deluxe Limited Special Edition Platinum Series Edition (With Bonus Material).

Watch Agamemnon Counterpart.

Tron 2: Flynn Lives Trailer

I am not a sci-fi fanatic. But holy sh*t. This looks great!!

Watch it.

Red Rabbit

Red Rabbit from Egmont Mayer.


An animated short from Norway about three cavemen and their savage hunt for uh… a mammoth with butterfly wings!

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Oomper Oomper

Oomper Oomper

A fractured palindrome that is broken into 2 parts: a forward and reverse version. These two interlocking pieces form one cohesive whole, centering on ideas of perception, memory, direction, life and death.

A short film (should I say two short films?) by Michael Robinson with music by Ant Yeti Ant.

Watch it. (MPEG-4)

The Gunslingers

I was looking for videos to fill up this post and I find this gem. I love when people animate real conversations. I feel like I have had this very exact conversation.

Watch it.


An old man, and his xoloscuincle dog, accidentally fall in a hidden magic forest which turns out to be the devil’s cave.

The music video is a collaboration between director and illustrator Alberto Cerriteño with animator and designer Diego Huacuja.

Watch it. (MPEG-4)

The Parable About the Mouse

In allegorical form, the film tells about spiritual enlightenment. The heroine of the film, the Mouse, owing to meetings with the Raccoon, the Frog, the Bison, and the Bear, changes spiritually. And the meeting with the Eagle changes her essence.

A short film by Elena Gavrilko and based on “motives of a fairy tale of the North-American Indians”.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

thanks to Niffiwan

Ticklinks: Modules, pieces, elements

Crappy Cat

A funny interactive Flash movie.

Go for it.

via Alan Cook

2 Minutes of Insanity

The assignment for the video editing class was to splice uncopywrighted found footage into a new video. In my search (looking under insanity) i found the rants of a certain Francis E. Dec Esquire. This man is a true testament to the psycho poetry world. I’d put him up there with beefheart and John Tubee.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

How Wings are Attached to the Backs of Angels

In this surreal exposition, an obsessive scientist strives for knowledge that seems reserved for powers higher than himself.

A short by Craig Welch produced by the National Film Board of Canada and featuring stunning black-and-white animation and a wordless story; won a Special Prize at the 2008 International Animation Festival in Japan.

Watch it. (Flash Video)


Short film made for the SVT (Swedish national television) fashion show Velvet.

Download. (Quicktime)


Grace Jones – Corporate Cannibal

Molten, hell, corporate.

Watch it.

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