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Egyptian Lover – She’s Bad

Lovely idea and execution.

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My Insurgent

Start working with the U.S Government to protect the Constitutional rights of Guantanamo Bay detainees and captured Enemy Combatants today.

Your country needs you!

She Who Measures

Are we truly free? Are our desires truly our own or merely imposed products of the society we live in?

“Film critics’ jury of the 32nd International animated film festival in Annecy (Nadezhda Marintchevska, Avedik Olohadjian and Doris Senn) has decided to give the prestigious FIPRESCI Award to Ona koja mjeri (in English: She Who Measures) by Veljko Popovic.”

The movie was developed at Lemonade 3D and produced by Kenges.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Mato Atom’s Political Stingin’


Two politically charged works from Mato Atom.

Watch Champions (Remembering the New World Order)

Watch McCain: I’m Lovin’ it!



The 20th century from an absurd point of view, a lesson of our shameful history. A perfect 3D animation. From the beginning of the second World War this film leads you trough the history of power, money and wars related to them.

Directors: Andreas Thaulow, Thomas Øhlenshlæger.

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Please Say Something


A new cartoon of love and loss in the distant future. Thirty second breakneck heartbreak internet turbodrama, emotion at nine thousand kmph…

The short (and/or series of five episodes) has been written and directed by David O’Reilly for Creative Review and it’s influenced by the comics of Jason AKA John Arne Sæterøy. Audio by David Kamp.

Watch it. (Quicktime, MPEG-4)

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From the Office

A dark comedy, circa 1992, in which an utterly random event reveals the most inhuman aspects of life in a bureaucratic system. A strange substance flies in from nowhere and lands on an unwitting Administrative Analyst, who is slowly consumed. Much paper-filing and bumbling ensues.

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Google Appartment View

Don’t turn around.

The Corporate Assassin

Here is a great idea for a videoblog. To enter the site, you have to choose between employee or an executive. You are then asked about who you hate at work and what method you would like to use to get rid of them. The suggestions are then picked by the videoblog creators and are recreated for your cathartic pleasure.

Official site (you have to submit your idea just once)- the teaser.


An online comic book series that looks at the lighter, humorous, abstract side of film production.

Watch & Read

Heada’ State: Mr. 9/11 (The Giuliani Anthem)


This video, mocked after a ’60s J. F. Kennedy campaign ad, exploits the one man show, Mr. 911 himself. We appologize not for what we put in, but for leaving out all the things that would have made this song too long to watch.

Watch it in low res (Flash Video) or hi res (Quicktime)

More on Rudolph Giuliany? Here’s The Real Rudy.

New Bush Coins

Now that President Bush has declared martial law, it will be illegal to own precious metals after the first of the year. Here’s a sneak peek at the new currency.

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The Naked Campaign: Elections through the art of Steve Brodner

rudy giuliani new yorker: The Naked Campaignmitt romney new yorker: The Naked Campaign

huckabee new yorker: The Naked Campaigniowa new yorker: The Naked Campaign

This should most likely be my favorite coverage of the elections.

A series of short videos featuring the illustrator Steve Brodner as he draws the Presidential candidates and discusses the race for the White House. The videos are directed by Gail Levin, with animation by Asterisk and camera by Ben Shapiro.

I don’t think he is right as much he is original with what he decides to focus on. He reacts, he isn’t just another echo. Of course, we haven’t come here to listen to him talk about politics as much as see him draw, which he does beautifully. Sometimes I wish I could drop everything and grow a talent like that.

Go to the list of videos with my favorites being the ones on Romney and Obama. Rudy‘s might be the funniest, however. (via Drawn)

Mainstream Media

If getting your brain to work is too much of a hassle for you, Jon Lajoie have just the answer you’re looking for. You’ll never have to make your mind again about anything.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Kant Attack!

Wrong on metaphysics.
Wrong on ethics.
Wrong on aestetics.
Wrong for America.

A spoof ad by James DiGiovanna and Carey Burtt.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

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