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Three lives, three identities, three points of view. Set against the harsh backdrop of inner city London, Fear/Love interweaves the lives of three adolescents as they struggle with who they are, who they want to be and who they are becoming.

Directed, written and edited by Rob Chiu. Produced for the I Care Revolution.

Watch Fear/Love.


Another Story Without Words

(via Ehrensenf)

Blue Butterfly

Learn to fly in this short shot and directed by Dikayl Rimmasch.

Watch it.

Coalition of the Willing

Coalition of the Willing is an animated film about an online war against global warming in a post-Copenhagen world.

The film is a collective opera produced at the Knife Party and will be released on the official website in 6 staggered ‘waves’ approximately 2 weeks apart, with 4-5 film sections uploaded in each wave.

Go for it.

‘Coalition of the Willing’ is an animated film about an online war against global warming in a post-Copenhagen world.


A raw (but refined (but raw)) short film by Felix and Paul featuring Tanya Tagaq.

Watch Tungijuq (MPEG-4).

let yourself feel.

let yourself feel. from Esteban Diácono.


Far from the world, close to the heart.

A short film by Robin Risser.

Watch Solitude.

And In That Moment, I Felt Infinite

And In That Moment, I Felt Infinite from Karen Abad ?s Dinosaurs..

24-hour trip to NYC

Sometimes it stretches a little far but poignant nevertheless. I miss NYC!

Watch it.

Glass, a Portrait of Philip In 12 Parts

Saw this at Full Frame Film Festival. Wonderful portrait of a man whose music I admire more than anybody else’s. It wasn’t the standard documentary on an artist where the film is dedicated in making the subject look grander than they are. The Scott Hicks film is quite intimate, I never realized Glass was a closet Buddhist (he denies it).  The filmmaker and the artist doing bring a certain humility to their tasks. Both practice their art because it intrigues them.

Watch the Trailer.

The Color Keeper

To the first time animator who created this: I wish it went on for longer, I was hooked. Watch it (Thanks for the submission)

Update: We have featured some of this filmmaker’s work before.

Standard Operating Procedure

Trailer for the new Errol Morris documentary on Abu Ghraib prison is riveting. BTW, as some of you might know, we have a category dedicated to the Errol Morris documentary style: recreations, meditative music, eloquent interviewees and detective work disguised as film research.

Watch it.

The Little Island

The BAFTA winning animated film by animator Richard Williams (Who Framed Roger Rabbit‘s animation director). This was his first film and is a wordless engima of philosophical musings. Reminiscent of the 1950s modern animation of UPA.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

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Domestic Safari


What if we started to see the material worlds of domestic settings as wild places? Is there a potential for the exotic and uncanny in the inconspicuously mundane?

The film is made up of three excursions in three homes from three countries (Körsbärsvägen, Sweden; La Casa di Sara, Italy; Kostonniemi, Finland) accompanied by a soundtrack realized just like the images: snippets recorded on location are decomposed and mixed together.

Images by Anders Weberg. Sound by Robert Willim.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Download as Quicktime or Winmedia.

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