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Stop-motion on an extremely small stage.

Watch it.

(Thanks Kate)

Drunk Girls

YouTube Preview Image

dir. Spike Jonze, James Murphy

(via antville)

Film Radar Eighteen: Google Maps Road Trip


TwitchFilm has more. Definitely NSFW.

SURFACE : A film from underneath

SURFACE : A film from underneath from tu.

Brilliant stuff. High in creative IQ: to take one idea and see it in as many ways as possible.

Hibi no Neiro

Youtube link.

Sorry I’m Late

Quicktime version available here.


Laughed my head off.

Watch it.

Barclaycard – Waterslide

Exactamundo. This is what I need.

Watch it.

The Big Picture – Tough Guy Challenge 2009

Is it just me when I laugh instead of admiring these competitors? I think #14 has something to do with that.

The Photos.

The T-Mobile Dance

Jason asked if you could watch this without smiling, my answer is clearly no.

Watch it.

Mac vs PC

Mac vs PC

The ultimate showdown.

A short movie written and directed by Dan Chianelli and Nick Greenlee.

Watch it. (MPEG-4)

François Macré – Thriller

I have always wanted to do this for a Radiohead song. Vocalize all the elements including instrumentation.

Watch it – via Kottke.

Kung Fu Ping Pong

Bruce Lee playing ping pong for a Nokia viral.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Daito Manabe – electric stimulus to face

I can’t possibly post anything cooler than this. A man sacrifices his face in the name of…videoblogging?

Watch it.

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