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Lake of Dreams

Mastery of craft combined with an incredible eye makes this an exceptional piece. Wow.

Barcelona Go!

Into The Atmosphere

I couldn’t resist not posting this timelapse.


Raw Data

Keep your eyes fixed on those eyes, it gets trippy. This video creates a new category for itself: animation improvisation.

Address Is Approximate

At times, this short reaches incredible heights. I wish it had a little more story.


This short is wonderfully ambitious with its storytelling. The underlying intent: “The larger our past gets the smaller our present feels” is given a world to live in. The animation invites you in with layers of textures and ideas.

Black Book – Favorite Place

For those who love embroidery.

Shugo Tokumaru – “Katachi”

A lovely textured stop motion that reaches incredible heights at certain moments. Even though I don’t speak Japanese, I felt like I understood the meaning and much of that is due to the visual language created in the video.

Stanley Pickle

Full of lovely little ideas.

NYC Dark

The power cut off in New York City after Hurricane Sandy. The video is an inside look at what it felt and looked liked.

Mission 26 The Big Endeavour

At times, the whole scene resembles ants transporting their huge prize home. A new kind of reporting: no interviews, no set-up and timelapse says it all.

Purely Pacific Northwest

If this timelapse could play in a loop at home when I woke up every morning, I’d be a happier man. I know, I know, you have seen so many timelapse videos, you are on an official boycott. Give this video a chance. It will be worth your time.

Reader submission: HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT IN 60 SECONDS

The nightmare of losing well.

Thanks Dave.

View from the ISS at Night

Timelapse from the International Space Station. Not the intent of the filmmakers but I’m reminded how delicate our little ball of earth is. Lovely montage of source material from NASA.

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