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View from the ISS at Night

Timelapse from the International Space Station. Not the intent of the filmmakers but I’m reminded how delicate our little ball of earth is. Lovely montage of source material from NASA.

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Reader Submission: The Hours by Exitmusic

Such striking images. Well done!

The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On

What a lovely way to tell a story!


I’d loved to have been there.

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On Assignment

So well done.

Father and Daughter

Heartbreaking! Beautiful in showing the passage of time.

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Splitscreen: A Love Story

The B story of the comparisons are more interesting than the expected plot twist.

The Accidental Sea

Don’t know why but post-apocalyptic areas are always fascinating.

TMB Panyee FC short film

It is such an amazing story that it is hard to believe that it is based on the truth.

The Maestro

Timelapse integrates well with the story.

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California is a place.

This is an incredible series. These were my favorites:


Fightclub in the Silicon Valley.


Portraits of the men that volunteer to patrol the borders. Controversial but they need to be heard.

California is a Place website where you will find more great content.


One of my favorite videos I’ve ever posted here. There is so much that can go wrong with this idea where the entire thing could come off pretentious. Maybe to some, it might very well be a little pretentious. To me, the filmmaker, Martin de Thurah, walked the line beautifully, it is a dream but unlike some films about dreams, there is a connection to a reality that we can easily comprehend.

Truth be told, I can spend a lot of time looking at Iva Gocheva. Her expressions shift and move so quickly and powerfully, my feelings can’t help from mirroring hers. Just lovely work overall. Excuse me as I watch it another time.

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This film gives a hard hitting, gritty insight into the life of 14 year old Kerry. Kerry has built herself a reputation and is regarded as one of the ‘popular’ girls at school. Sleeping with any boy who makes advances, drinking and smoking are common activities to Kerry all because she has no one at home to care for her, causing her to yearn attention from anyone, no matter how bad it is.

We need more films like this.


Haunting imagery with a vague semblance of a storyline. Effective nevertheless.

Reflection New York

There have been a lot of wonderful video portraits of NYC, this is one of my favorites.

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