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Art for the sake of Art

Two videos and two people that use art for similar reasons but with completely different approaches.

Pixel Painter

Pardon My Dust

Update: August 12th, 2013
The Beach Captain

3 short clips for art angel

For whatever reason, the creators of this video have not enabled embedding. However, take a second to check it out. Film as a medium is as fascinating as the people and voices in this video.

Link to the video

Ken Burns: On Story

Couple of great quotes/ideas in here.

The Sartorialist

Photographers working is always been a fascinating thing to watch. Not too long ago, I posted a mini-doc on photographer Kathleen Connally, who was kind enough to send me this video. If you don’t know already, The Sartorialist is one of the biggest fashion blogs. It features Scott Schuman photographs that capture the latest fashion found on the streets of New York and other major cities.

Idiot with a Tripod

Beautiful portrait. (Via No Film School)

The Presidents Photographer

Watch the full episode. See more The Presidents Photographer.

I’d love to know what prime lens Pete uses alongside his zoom. Great look into the Presidency as well. I don’t envy those long hours.

Tom Cruise is Les Grossman

Newly signed Biscuit Filmworks director Aaron Stollar directed four hilarious spots staring Tom Cruise and a crapload of other stars for the MTV Movie Awards 2010.

Glossy has the whole package. Check out Les Grossman Show Opener, Risky Business, Hair and Wedding. Full credits are here.

Hayaku: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan

I’ve slowly grown tired of timelapse videos, another pretty way to avoid saying anything or create anything within the viewer. However, even if it is just a small step away, this stunning video tries to overcome the prettiness by creating a complex portrait of Japan through mood and music.

Salton Sea Beach

Last Minutes with ODEN

So incredibly touching. I am in tears.

Shaping the city

Fascinating. I wish I could live a second life and do this.

Watch it.

American Cantos

American Cantos – Cinematography by Joe Taylor Captured on the RED ONE from Joe Taylor.

What Facebook Is For

Cart – The Film

Took something not very interesting and made it exciting. Excellent cinematography and music.


Far from the world, close to the heart.

A short film by Robin Risser.

Watch Solitude.

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