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Inner-City Wizard School

Brilliant piece of parody. More from Key & Peele.

“Eye Of The Sparrow” — A Bad Lip Reading of the First 2012 Presidential Debate

This is a slice of genius. The end song number is fantastic.

Rhett & Link – Taxidermy commercial

Brilliant. I wish every commercial were this awesome. Part of the Rhett & Link show on IFC.

The Majestic Plastic Bag – A Mockumentary

We seem to cover stories of plastic bags more often than you’d think.

I Can Has Trailer?

Go check the teaser and trailer for Life of Leopold, the new film by Victor Solomon.

Spiders On Drugs

This is old but I just saw and laughed my ass off! Thanks Mags!

Mister Sharp: The Magic of the Mobile Phone

Classic education videos from the 50’s altered for the modern world. Great idea combined with perfect execution.

More loveliness from Mister Sharp here. Via Metafilter.

Tom Cruise is Les Grossman

Newly signed Biscuit Filmworks director Aaron Stollar directed four hilarious spots staring Tom Cruise and a crapload of other stars for the MTV Movie Awards 2010.

Glossy has the whole package. Check out Les Grossman Show Opener, Risky Business, Hair and Wedding. Full credits are here.

We Are Water

The video for Health‘s We are Water is a grotesque take on a cliché of horror movies (and music videos too!) The music video has been directed by Eric Wareheim (of Tim and Eric) and produced at Funk Factory.

Watch We are Water.

20,000 Spoonfuls of Terror

YouTube Preview Image

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon by Richard Gale.

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon by Richard Gale

If Lady Gaga Wasn’t A Popstar

YouTube Preview Image

From Australian show Hungry Beast. LSFW. (via Axepose)

Celebrity Reenactment #1: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Featuring Christopher Walken and Jack Nicholson.

Denmark Introduces Harrowing New Tourism Ads Directed By Lars Von Trier

Middle Aged Wolf

My White Friends

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