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Very very cute. Much like Creature Comforts.


8 year old Thomas has been left with his cat loving aunt, while his parents are away exploring Africa. Desperately missing his beloved dog Sniffer, Thomas calls the vet to arrange a visit to bring him some new Smells, only to discover the depth of his Aunts nastyness.

A Roald Dahl style dark childrens comedy directed by Judd L. Tilyard.

Watch it.

My Friend is a Cloud

On a floating island a small boy is lost in a vision of the future.

Short film by Anton Octavian.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Her Lion’s Jump

In this short animated film by Régis Camargo, an unexpected visitor named Fred comes to Sandy’s window, asking for her help to take him home. Oh, by the way, Fred is a lion…

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Two young sisters do everything they can to avoid confronting their mother, who seems to be visiting from a strange — and very scary –- planet in a different universe than the one they inhabit.

A short movie directed by Andy Muschietti and produced by Barbara Muschietti, soon(?) to be made into a feature film.

Watch it. (Flash Video) [Thanks, T.]

Hands off!!!

How wrong could possibly be a commercial. Well, when kids are involved, there doesn’t seem to be any limit…

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Where the Wild Things Are

Spike Jonze’s upcoming film promises to be incredible.

Watch it.

Me and Mom

A perfect little universe onto to itself.

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By day, Mooney is an over-achieving, six year-old girl living with her Grandparents at their junkyard in the forest. By night, Mooney is a member of a secret jazz band with a group of ex-convict animals.

A short film by Heui Won Jeong and Justin Murphy.

Read my review or just watch the short.


A girl starts a battle with a city tyrant, without speaking a word…

Directed by Sander Alt. Animated at Urrebuk. Produced at Revolver.

Watch it. (Flash Video)


Wonderful visual storytelling.

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The Dark Knight (kids version)

If these kids seriously made this, that is impressive. So much fun.

Watch it.

Hoop Dream (entire film available)

This film is constantly voted the best documentary of all time. It is available in full at Hulu in 420p HD. Cannot get better than that online.

The film remains relevant just like it did when it first came out. Two young basketball players struggle to fulfill a common dream which is to make to the NBA. The two kids have contrasting styles and personalities, each story could have made a great documentary in of itself. But together, the stories highlight the hi’s and lo’s of each story even better. Once in a lifetime kind of movie.

Watch it (via Kottke)


This isn’t a video but it should be.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

One of the best trailers of the year. I am confident the film will live up to the hype. Fascinating story, based on the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. By the way, the cinematography looks incredible. One sad catch, it will be released around Christmas.

Watch it.

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