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The Record Breaker

TMB Panyee FC short film

It is such an amazing story that it is hard to believe that it is based on the truth.

How a slap sparked a revolution

You will love this story.


Lightheaded is a journey we take with temperature sensitive candle creatures who sacrifice what they know to become who they are.

Watch Lightheaded by Mike Dacko. (via Cartoon Brew)

Fleet Foxes – Mykonos

Sean Pecknold directs another classic for Fleet Foxes (the last one won the Best Music video of 2008). Two triangles is all it takes to create an epic drama.

Watch the video & here is the making of.

Dr. Horrible

Josh Whedon, writer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, directs this videoblog/show starring Neil Patrick Harris. Be a little patient because it picks up from its slow start wonderfully.  A clever tale with ample amounts of wit.

Watch itdownload it on iTunes.

This is an incredibly successful internet phenomenon (making it to the Time’s Best Inventions of 2008!!). A couple of thoughts:

Cool Hand Luke – Plastic Jesus

I love Cool Hand Luke, it is one of my favorite movies. It is not a cheery movie but I always have a need to watch it when I am down. (Watch Plastic Jesus)

Paul Newman died this week as many of you have already heard. When people use the word great to describe anyone, I often times cringe. But Newman, like Robert Redford or even Marlon Brando, was truly a great man. An outright star who seemed less interested in himself than in others. An incredibly generous person.

Sometimes it would seem that only assholes rise to the top but people like Newman remind us that it is not the case.


Wonderful visual storytelling.

Watch it

Hoop Dream (entire film available)

This film is constantly voted the best documentary of all time. It is available in full at Hulu in 420p HD. Cannot get better than that online.

The film remains relevant just like it did when it first came out. Two young basketball players struggle to fulfill a common dream which is to make to the NBA. The two kids have contrasting styles and personalities, each story could have made a great documentary in of itself. But together, the stories highlight the hi’s and lo’s of each story even better. Once in a lifetime kind of movie.

Watch it (via Kottke)


Saw it a little while back, amazing that I could forget about it. Glad I found it again.

Watch it.

p.s. After blogging at Ticklebooth for almost two years, I still don’t have a good way of collecting bookmarks.

Touching the Stairs

A story of genuine heroes who don’t know the meaning of the word lift… Or do they?

Written and directed by Michael Wright at Partizan London.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Review of Atonement

The book by Ian McEwan is one of my favorite books of all time. Surprisingly, the movie lives up to the book. I expected the film to be decent, not great, as I haven’t heard much of a buzz for this film. However, after seeing it, I’d be shocked if this film doesn’t get a Best Picture Oscar nomination.

One of the fears I had about the movie was it would abandon the beautiful structure that McEwan devised to tell the story. Thankfully Christopher Hampton, who wrote the script, not only keeps the structure but also manages to keep some of McEwan’s poetics. The scene where Briony sees her sister and Robbie near the water fountain is exactly how I had pictured it from all of the various perspectives.

A lot of credit should also go to Director Joe Wright. This easily could have been a film that we as an audience could watch from a distance. Instead, almost everything is seen through the eyes of a character. Everything is laced with a character’s subjectivity. To switch perspectives, there is no fade to black or any other visual device. It is a stream of consciousness that switches back and forth. So well done!

The biggest difference, in terms of emotions, is the beginning of the second half of the book/movie. The book’s second half numbs you to the pain from the 1st half. One of the greatest scenes in any book I’ve ever read. The movie sadly disappoints here, why wasn’t there more walking? more brown? more carnage?

The acting ensemble is solid. I am not entirely convinced of Keira Knightley as Cecilia, however, James McAvoy as Robbie is picture perfect. To many, this might seem like another stuffy costume drama. This is as modern as any film you will find. From the story to its character to the film’s style, there is a lot of risk taking. Go see it, this is one of the great tragedies of our time.

The Story – Listening to Nazis

I am a big fan of Dick Gordon. I am always amazed how one program can find that many great stories. Anyways, in a recent episode, Gordon interviews Henry Kolm, a Austrian Jew who witnessed the Nazi invasion and had to flee to America as young kid. Incredibly, as a adult, he was recruited by the American armed forces to interrogate captured German officers.

Currently, it is impossible to get through any respectable news program and not hear how America should interrogate (torture) its captured militants . Kolm has plenty of insight into of all of this. His experiences on his life and also torture are priceless. Kolm is against torture, besides it being the wrong thing to do, he believes you can never trust information that comes from such methods. But another point, a more subtle one, is that war has changed drastically from less than a century ago. Kolm doesn’t think the Al Qaeda’s of the world should be treated as soldiers because they are fundamentally different from Nazi’s. War and how it is conducted is on the slide, after a brief show of civility, we have regressed into being…idiots.

Listening to Nazis pageDownload the show (download will start automatically) – Subscribe to the podcast

Like a Bird on a Wire

I am amazed there isn’t an easier way to do this. The voice-over is eloquent, especially the end quote. A segment from an helicopter documentary “Straight Up!

Watch it

Anika’s Odyssey: Land of the Taniwha


We rarely post games here, but this one deserves it. Not that it is very innovative, nor challenging. But this little point-and-click is just like an illustrated book for (grown-up) children. You open it, and for ten (twenty, thirty…) minutes you actually are into it.

Play it. (Flash)

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