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Marilyn Myller

Gorgeous and full of ideas.


This short is wonderfully ambitious with its storytelling. The underlying intent: “The larger our past gets the smaller our present feels” is given a world to live in. The animation invites you in with layers of textures and ideas.

The Modern Dance

This meticulous video is full of original ideas.

Second Hand

One of the more original animated shorts out there. Overflowing with ideas that revolve around a very appropriate title. Great work!


Films goes in a full circle. Lovely thought-provoking idea translated beautifully.

(via No Film School)

N.A.S.A. – Strange Enough

The esoteric music video for Strange Enough, directed by Lorna T and Studio Giblets, produced by Terence Teh, and featuring the original artwork of the brilliant Brazilian Stephan Doitschinoff AKA Calma.

Watch Strange Enough.

Sweet Dreams

A stalwart cupcake yearning to find something beyond his world of sugar cube skyscrapers and frosting-covered friends. When his makeshift boat crashes on foreign shores, he makes a shocking discovery that changes him forever.

A stop animated short film by Kirsten Lepore.

Watch Sweet Dreams.

Being A Fish In Japan

Submarine Channel presents Being A Fish In Japan: “Whimsical tales from fish obsessed Japan”. A “minimovie” directed by Mischa Kamp and Mascha Halberstad and consisting of five segments, posted below, with a nice stop animated title sequence.


A short stop animated film by Jorge Piquer and Julie Galland AKA La ignorancia.

Watch it. (via 1nspirational)

When The Time Is Ripe

Shion Takeuchi‘s fourth year thesis film from Calarts is just pearfect jewel. “It was made using puppets, Flash, and motion tracking.”

Watch When The Time Is Ripe. (via antiheroe)

Out of a Forest

A magic tale, directed by Tobias Gundorff Boesen and based on a song by The National.

Watch Out of a Forest.


What you’re about to see is a paranoid fantasy whose dark surface is disguised by white paint on its skin; it’s an original elaboration on a classic idea of science fiction; it is a short film by Luis Briceno and David Alapont. Finally, it’s in French, but no worries! You did this exact nightmare so many times that understanding the language is superfluous.

Watch Fard. (via The Awesomer) [IMDB]


Blue Butterfly

Learn to fly in this short shot and directed by Dikayl Rimmasch.

Watch it.

Rotten Flowers

In this music video for Paolo Saporiti‘s song, directors Virgilio Villoresi and Luca Barutta mixed the photomation technique (a la Wolf and Pig) with the paper crafted 2.5D of Yavan Ivey. The result is not rotten at all, but perhaps not ripe yet. Still interesting and promising.

Watch Rotten Flowers.

Winter Morning

Even slightly out of season, that little warm feeling feels good.

A film of creative agency TBWA Brussels, directed by Olivier Babinet and produced by Lovo Films.

Watch it.

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