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Johnny Express


Tumbleweed Tango

High on the job


A lovely short by Disney Animation. The style is a mix of modern and old. The story, especially the resolution, is classic Disney. That’s where it kinda disappoints. We like magic on screen, it works but the resolution I wished came from the non-magical. Still, I loved it.

StoryCorps – A Family Man

There is a wealth of incredible stuff from the StoryCorps Youtube channel. More information on the project can be found here.

Relentless Drag

A story for pioneers. Just lovely.

Pes – Fresh Guacamole

It’s been a while since we posted something from Pes. This is pretty awesome. Every slice produces a different surprise.

Little Monkey

Colors form shapes that move to form actions that create a story of sorts. The music and the colors alone are fun in itself. (via Dek on Facebook and Short of the week)


Wow. This is a student film?

Father and Daughter

Heartbreaking! Beautiful in showing the passage of time.

– via Dek on Facebook :)

Seymour Bits – Put It Back Down

Out of Sight

So precious. It looks and feels from a different era.


Very very cute. Much like Creature Comforts.

The Subway Time

Strange things happen in Subway Time, a fantastic animated short film by Dongzhen Li, student of the Beijing Film Academy. Some of you will also enjoy watching the the making of featurette.

Watch: FilmMaking of (via Directors Notes)

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