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New York Times – Fourteen Actors Acting

I can hardly explain what it is. From NYT Lens blog:

“You’re going from making iconic images to creating narratives,” he said, “but there is less of a narrative capacity in 60 seconds, so you need to create something like a poem that can lead your imagination.”

They are all weird oddities in their own way. Michael Douglas is the creepiest. One could write an epic novel based on those sixty seconds. Anthony Mackie’s piece is also a standout. Matt Damon is a welcome sight. James Franco, well, that makes sense.

See the entire collection here.

The Shovel

The Shovel

I saw The Shovel at the Annapolis Film Festival where my film was playing. It was one the best shorts I saw that weekend. Directors Notes has an interview with the director. They also have a short clip from the film available.

If you would like to catch the entire film, I’d suggest you visit the editor’s site. It is in Flash, so click on ‘Films’ and then ‘The Shovel’. However, I’d highly recommend you buy a bigger version of the film on iTunes ($1.99). The film was shot on HD and if you are a filmmaker and thinking about shooting in HD, I’d highly suggest you see this on a bigger screen. Probably some of the best HD cinematography I have seen. At Annapolis, there were other shorts that were shot on HD but nothing seemed drastically better than DV except for this.

Of course, it goes without saying that this award winning film (including Best Narrative short at Tribeca FF) packs an awesome story.

Handsome Furs – Dumb Animals

Handsome Furs - Dumb AnimalsHandsome Furs - Dumb Animals

Here is another video that will be part of my best of 2007 list. This is simply fantastic. And like my other favorite from this year, there are a lot of slow zooms, a vague but potent plot, Lynch-like mood and visuals that keep your eyes glued.

The video is mildly disturbing, half of the energy in watching it is pleading with the characters to break free. But like any smart director would do, Panos Cosmatos avoids any such release.

On second watch, the classical plot features two lovers on their journey to be split up by strong, evil and parent-like forces.

Watch itYoutube – via antville

Update: Watched a couple more times, small things that I didn’t notice before now make an appearance. The editing is flawless. The length of the shots have no uniformity and for a music video that’s pretty daring. However, all of this works.

The long shot of the car on one side and road markings on the other, goes so beautifully with the music. I keep watching it over and over again, wondering if this was something that was found in the editing or planned in pre-production.

Top 2006 Videos lists

Our list for the best videos of 2006 is still being drafted. It is a long, long, long list. There has been a lot of good stuff this year. It should be up in the next couple of days. Sorry for the delay. Till then check out these equally wonderful best video lists of 2006:

Updated: Geez, How did I forget Antville’s top music videos.

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From Night To Light


Durch Nacht Zum Licht is a commercial for something to treat indigestion from German animation legend Hans Fischerkoesen, kind of like Hitchcock meets Harryhausen.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Lovers Supplant

Lovers Supplant

The Daily Reel take:

Lovers Supplant is an animated short about a femme fatale who creeps along in the night with an objective (abduction of a blissful female) and a motive (to be with the man she loves and role she deserves).

There is this almost indigenous mysticism about the short. A story told by old tribes-woman to a child.

Watch it

Office Space reMashed


Office Space trailer recut to a horror film.

Look out for the stapler.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Alfred Hitchcock’s Cameos

Compilation of all of Hitchcock’s appearances in his films. The best is from Lifeboat where the film takes place, you know, in a lifeboat. There was no easy way to just add himself as an extra. So instead he put himself in the back of a newspaper that one of the characters is reading.

Watch it

Squigglebooth – Remix: Buffalo ’66 with Wanda

Remix: Buffalo '66 with Wanda

Another of our video podcasts:

Buffalo ’66 and Wanda are two films that contain some of the most resonant scenes in cinema. Buffalo ’66 was directed by Vincent Gallo and released in 1998. It wasn’t a box office hit but was recieved as a great work. Gallo followed this with an absolute disaster of a film, the Brown Bunny, this did not diminish the greatness of Buffalo ’66, if anything, Gallo now just appeared as an arrogant prick. But if you have not seen Buffalo ’66, you got no excuse, it is quite an incredible achievement.

However, if you have not seen Wanda, you have a very good excuse: it is not available on DVD or even VHS (not sure). This is quite tragic. This is a great film, directed by Barbara Loden who would never direct again. Loden was married to director Elia Kazan (On the Waterfront, A Streetcar Named Desire, East of Eden). She had success as an actress but seems to have been stifled as a director by her husband. She died tragically in 1980 at the age of 48. When watching Wanda, it felt like Loden was desperate to say something but had no resources but herself and the camera. This film is being forgotten and doesn’t deserve to be.

The scenes in this remix are not necessarily the most important scenes. The scenes were selected to illustrate connections between the two works. In no way, am I inferring that Gallo stole anything from Wanda. There were working on similar themes and characters but each film is unique in its own right. The remix is long, clocking in at nearly 30 mins.

Watch itPost a comment

Christopher Nolan – The Prestige trailer

Christopher Nolan – The Prestige trailer

From the director of Memento and Batman Begins (which I actually liked a lot) comes The Prestige. It looks damn good (in a Hollywood sort of way)!!

Watch it – via Kottke

Between You and Me

Between You and Me

A film shot in stills. A style that has been done several times before but this film still manages to give it a fresh edge.

Watch it – via BoingBoing

Neon Eyes

neon eyesneon

This short starts slow, threatens to be predictable but slowly dives into madness. A little short classic in the tradition of Hitchcock and Japanese Horror films.

Watch it [note: not office safe]

(via shortsville)