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Out of Sight

So precious. It looks and feels from a different era.

Vicky and Sam

While working at the local video store, Vicky meets Sam, who quickly becomes a regular costumer. Both fall in love, ignoring the true reason for their rendez-vous.

A short “metacinema” movie written and directed  by Nuno Rocha.

Watch it.

Girl Effect

Incredibly strong graphics for an important cause. Just three colors used throughout.

Watch it.


A wonderful little short by Ben Briand. One of the prettiest short narratives we have ever posted on this site. At times, with the actors falling in and out of focus, the extreme shallow depth of field took you out of the scene but to a large extent it works with the moody storyline.

(via Vimeo Festival) Thanks Tim.


A film full of ideas realized brilliantly by Robin Schmidt. Just lovely!! Vote for this film in the Driven Creativity competition. The filmmaker has new trailer out for his feature and it looks very promising.


Another beauty from Ayz Waraich who directed White Red Panic. Strong performances, once again.

Android Love

In a future filled with technology and sin, a hopeless romantic falls for a broken robot he buys at a sex shop, testing how far he’ll go for love. A short film by Lee Citron.



Three lives, three identities, three points of view. Set against the harsh backdrop of inner city London, Fear/Love interweaves the lives of three adolescents as they struggle with who they are, who they want to be and who they are becoming.

Directed, written and edited by Rob Chiu. Produced for the I Care Revolution.

Watch Fear/Love.

Bowerbirds “In Our Talons”

The ending is beautifully tragic. Thanks for taking such bold chances.

N.A.S.A. – Strange Enough

The esoteric music video for Strange Enough, directed by Lorna T and Studio Giblets, produced by Terence Teh, and featuring the original artwork of the brilliant Brazilian Stephan Doitschinoff AKA Calma.

Watch Strange Enough.

MOMENTOS by Nuno Rocha

Feels like a slice of a larger movie. (via EOSHD)


A woman (Alison Bruce) and a man (Alistair Browning) are in love. They trust each other. And everything else flows from that. But what happens if that trust is broken? What can a relationship survive? And when we are left alone, how do we live with our regrets?

Watch Us. (Dir. James Blick)

The Hapless Antiquarian

“The Hapless Antiquarian” is a filmed homage to the macabre tales of American author & illustrator Edward Gorey. written, directed, photographed and edited by Anthony Penta. Starring Scott Hoye.

Watch it.

Daniele Celona – Distance

Watch it. (Dir. Alessio Fava)

Balli Ga

A package needs delivering in this collaborative film by Myles Lewando and Benjamin Tucker. The concept was to show a snapshot from a longer narrative, leaving the audience the freedom to use their imagination to insert their own beginning and ending. Balli Ga (???) directly translates from Korean as “Quickly, go.”

Watch it.

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