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What feels like highlights of a conversation with a 7 year old.

Little Monkey

Colors form shapes that move to form actions that create a story of sorts. The music and the colors alone are fun in itself. (via Dek on Facebook and Short of the week)


Cute and fun. (via Edit Blog)

Second Hand

One of the more original animated shorts out there. Overflowing with ideas that revolve around a very appropriate title. Great work!

TMB Panyee FC short film

It is such an amazing story that it is hard to believe that it is based on the truth.


The time shifts are lovely. I think cinema should officially replace the cigarette with the lollipop.

A Mystery: Why Can’t We Walk Straight?

Fascinating little short from NPR. Animated by Benjamin Arthur.

Barter Wars!

You can comment and choose the winner here.

Dueling Cameras

Not the kind of videos we post here but this simple video is perfect in its own little way.

Birth of Christ during the age of Google and Facebook

Cat Diaries

If you have ever wondered what your pet does all day, well here is a taste. All that drama happening daily all around you.

(via PetaPixel)

Vicky and Sam

While working at the local video store, Vicky meets Sam, who quickly becomes a regular costumer. Both fall in love, ignoring the true reason for their rendez-vous.

A short “metacinema” movie written and directed  by Nuno Rocha.

Watch it.

Sparrow Songs – Fall Begins in Trona, CA

I like how the video embraces the rhythm of the town.

Craigslist TV “Accordion Idol”

What? I have never heard of Craigslist TV. The series and this episode are just lovely.

(via Kottke)

The Black Keys: Tighten Up

Stories within stories.

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