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Egyptian Lover – She’s Bad

Lovely idea and execution.

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Valley of Dolls

Urban Predators


Blessing in Disguise


Saving Norman

“Starring Willem Dafoe”! This Willem guy is pretty good.

Speed Dating

Here is the sad truth behind those crappy relationships.


I love split screen and this absolutely nails that aesthetic. Lovely idea, executed beautifully.

Stanley Pickle

Full of lovely little ideas.


I feel this way about quite a lot of people.

Errol Morris ESPN Team Spirit Film

Interesting subject. The Morris style almost seems to be fighting with the subject matter.


Good performances.

Caine’s Arcade

This video from start to finish will make you happy. People chasing after their dreams is always a strong story but when it is a little boy building his own arcade out of cardboard, you have reached some type of nirvana in storytelling.

Moving Takahashi

Ambitious short! I miss shorts like this. There is a full story here instead of a structure hiding a viral idea which is where most shorts live nowadays. Each has its merits. The character driven shorts get no play online but plenty in the festival circuit but I think even that’s shifting.

(via No Film School)

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