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Inner-City Wizard School

Brilliant piece of parody. More from Key & Peele.

“Eye Of The Sparrow” — A Bad Lip Reading of the First 2012 Presidential Debate

This is a slice of genius. The end song number is fantastic.

Diplo feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex – Set It Off

The apparent sell are the beautiful strippers but the feeling the effects generate hints at a larger more intriguing story.

Gypsy Crepes

You don’t need to add any drugs to this party, it’s stoned enough.

@thexavius: Portrait of an Instagram Artist

Silly, fun and ridiculous. Much like Instagram. (Thanks Kristin)


I feel this way about quite a lot of people.

Errol Morris ESPN Team Spirit Film

Interesting subject. The Morris style almost seems to be fighting with the subject matter.

Reader submission: HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT IN 60 SECONDS

The nightmare of losing well.

Thanks Dave.


Good performances.

Do Anything Stoned

Love this series. (Thanks Amory)

Caine’s Arcade

This video from start to finish will make you happy. People chasing after their dreams is always a strong story but when it is a little boy building his own arcade out of cardboard, you have reached some type of nirvana in storytelling.

Moving Takahashi

Ambitious short! I miss shorts like this. There is a full story here instead of a structure hiding a viral idea which is where most shorts live nowadays. Each has its merits. The character driven shorts get no play online but plenty in the festival circuit but I think even that’s shifting.

(via No Film School)

Rhett & Link – Taxidermy commercial

Brilliant. I wish every commercial were this awesome. Part of the Rhett & Link show on IFC.

Foster The People – Don’t Stop

The Daniels duo were also responsible for the Weetabix commercials. Their videos are just packed with fun.


What feels like highlights of a conversation with a 7 year old.

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