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The Missing Scarf

Goes well with this Radiolab podcast.

Johnny Express

the Scared is scared

Cute. I love the way kid explore stories, not just tell them. Similar to Kid History.

High Maintenance

A new web series that follows a weed delivery man and various clients he caters to. Fantastic performances with writing that feels and sounds so real that I can’t imagine the dialogue to be anything but transcriptions from real conversations. Sample below.

Inner-City Wizard School

Brilliant piece of parody. More from Key & Peele.

“Eye Of The Sparrow” — A Bad Lip Reading of the First 2012 Presidential Debate

This is a slice of genius. The end song number is fantastic.

Gypsy Crepes

You don’t need to add any drugs to this party, it’s stoned enough.

@thexavius: Portrait of an Instagram Artist

Silly, fun and ridiculous. Much like Instagram. (Thanks Kristin)

Reader submission: HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT IN 60 SECONDS

The nightmare of losing well.

Thanks Dave.

Do Anything Stoned

Love this series. (Thanks Amory)

Rhett & Link – Taxidermy commercial

Brilliant. I wish every commercial were this awesome. Part of the Rhett & Link show on IFC.

Foster The People – Don’t Stop

The Daniels duo were also responsible for the Weetabix commercials. Their videos are just packed with fun.

No More Questions!

I love stuff like this.

Hello Nathan Barnatt!

I’ve never seen this guy before, why the hell not? Damn you big, gigantic, intergalactic internet tubes!

Day at the Beach

Hilarious mashup! Could use another layer of color correction and cut downs.

Thanks everyone.

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