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Dollar Bill

Pecunia olet in this short comedy film by Marco Aslan, where our hero ultimately discover his superpowers (which incidentally is the same superpower shared by pornstars, prostitutes and Justin Bieber).

Watch Dollar Bill.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

…the title sequence to Ruben Fleischer‘s Zombieland does not back down. Flashes of jarring death slathered with slow speed splatter document a kinetic finality that does not force its humor. We see every black bauble of biohazardous blood upsurge and dot the landscape of a crippled Earth.

U can has it at Art of the Title along with an interview with Ben Conrad of Logan.

Go for it!


Hello there!

Today, No Fat Clips!!! is celebrating the birth of Beakus — a new animation production company based in London — with a long series of posts. Here’s a little extra for Tickleboothers.

Steve Smith, founder of Beakus and previously at Sherbet and Trunk, wrote, designed and directed Stufffed, a five episode series for the web portal of BBC Comedy Extra. Episodes one and two are online; even though they’re about a kid and his teddy bear, you should better watch it in private, as the thumbnail above might have made you realize. Definitely not in the Playful Innocence category…

Watch Episode 1: Lady Bear Bear.

Watch Episode 2: Circus.

And then head over to No Fat Clips!!! for more Beakus, with the works of Bluna, Leigh Hodgkinson, Matthias Hoegg and more Steve Smith.

Lucy Lolly


Lucy is a girl who loves candy, especially Lolly pops. However, to the lolly this innocent, sweet little girl is a monster who slowly tortures the defenceless stick before crunching it into pieces.

A great escape story like no other, Lucy Lolly is a tooth rotting horror adventure that will make you think twice about playing with your candy.

Directed by Aaron Foster, this was the final major project for his BA Honors degree in Digital Animation at the South East Essex College.

Watch it. (Flash Video) – Official (mini)site

the the

Hey! Wazzup! Make Up!

LOL. Just LOL.

StSanders shreds The Rolling Stones.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Ticklinks: The Risque Corner

Posted from work-safer to work-unsafer.

Gotcha! – Remember back in college when girls in boxers would chase wieners through the hallways of the dorms? No? Me neither. But this commercial is kinda funny. Kinda.

Waldo: Toi sur moi – Where’s Waldo? He’s taking his chances…

Sharing – Somehow Guinness realized that artsy films a la Mr. Plow don’t work.

BONUS: The work-unsafer term reminded me of Victor Solomon‘s Words (Part 1). Some cuss words are in here too, “literally”.

Sydney Aquarium: Fish Piss

The Sydney Aquarium has recruited Melbourne comedian Dave Callan to explain why it’s a good idea to see the sharks behind glass, despite of what Al Gore may think of it.

Filming was shot by Octavio De Lellis via Monkey Lab.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

via Duncan’s

Lights Outs

Scary things happen in the dark…

Watch it. (Flash Video)

A Walk in The Woods

All kinds of subtext can be had with farting .

Watch it.

Oral Sex and Oral Contraception

Robin Williams and Woody Allen have something to say on the matter…

Watch Do We Look Like This? (Flash Video, NSFW)

Watch Oral Contraception as MOV, MP4 or Flash Video.

Ronaldinho in the Office

What are we going to do of all this paper now?

Watch it. (WARNING: Gross!)

Ticklinks: Tastelessly Tasteful

You’re warned. It is very likely that you’ll find one or even all of these videos went too far for your tastes…

Bonus videos:

A good story’s has 3 acts

Ludo invents finds a strange and funny story in the classical 3 act structure. Aristotle would be proud.

Read and Watch.

Anti-Piracy PSA Spoof

One of the comments to this at the site:

I laughed so much at that I had to go to the toilet in my hat.

Will make sense after you watch it.

Watch it – via DF



I have been a little slack about checking out the submissions that have been coming in, apologies! A lot of guilt because this little classic was submitted by Nicop on July 23rd. Yikes!

Musicotherapie doesn’t fit nicely in any particular genre, it is neither a short or a music video. Each moment possesses an abundance of witty visual ideas. The animation complements these ideas beautifully. The combination of rhythm and the absurd action successfully bring out the insane in you. Brilliant stuff!

Watch it

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