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Welcome To Creepyville

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Tormented By Tapping

Has Halloween Become Overcommercialized?

Panelists of The Onion discuss whether Halloween candy and costumes have distracted us from placating demons to ensure a bountiful harvest.

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“Why I am voting Republican”

Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my mind, it is just a parody.

Orderly Confusion

Your daily WTF is Rob Bohn‘s thesis film, like a Bill Plympton on acid.

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The Control Master

\"The Control Master\", Run Wrake

Halftone City is a peaceful metropolis of family values and space-age dreams. Mild-mannered blonde Dorothy Gayne secretly protects its citizens from harm. But dangerous new technologies abound.

A short film by Run Wrake, entirely made with stock images.

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Non Blinking World Record Attempt

From Japan comes the case of the woman who has set out to beat a record on time without blinking. But there’s one factor she hasn’t prepared for.

Viral developed for Morinaga and Co by Dentsu Inc, Tokyo.

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Robots can’t act: Pulp Fiction

Saw this mentioned on G4’s Attack of the Show.

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Alka Setzer: Lifeboat Commercial

 Classic British Commercial from way back when. Hilarious for it’s dark humor.

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The Object

Leslie Ali - The Object

In which an airborne object (that makes nice sounds) disrupts a duo’s peaceful day hunting, bringing moments of happiness, and sorrow when it gets stolen…

Short movie by Leslie Ali, presented at Sundance 2008.

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Theresa Duncan’s History of Glamour

41 minute animated beauty! Currently, the suicides of the creator and her boyfriend are making big headlines.

Watch itVanity Fair article

Philosophy Street

Not a good neighborhood for learning…

A Sesame Street spoof from SCTV.

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Oral Sex and Oral Contraception

Robin Williams and Woody Allen have something to say on the matter…

Watch Do We Look Like This? (Flash Video, NSFW)

Watch Oral Contraception as MOV, MP4 or Flash Video.

The Fashion – Solo Impala


Take the money and run!

A humourous music video directed by Jakob Printzlau.

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The Cold Rush


This is not your usual Supinfocom short movie. You’ll not be pointing your finger at the screen, screaming “How awesome is that!”

The Cold Rush is a trip into absurdity, a sequence of unlikely but still not unreal (or vice versa?) events. And a western set onto a snowy landscape.

Unsuited to the cold environment, a bounty hunter will have lots of trouble with his last prey.

The film is the work of Mikael Lynen, Simon Corbaux, Tristan Urbin and Rémi Certhoux.

The movie is mostly silent, emphasizing the sense of unreality. The closing credits song is Green Grass by Tom Waits, from his album Real Gone.

Go for it!

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