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Ticklinks: The Risque Corner

Posted from work-safer to work-unsafer.

Gotcha! – Remember back in college when girls in boxers would chase wieners through the hallways of the dorms? No? Me neither. But this commercial is kinda funny. Kinda.

Waldo: Toi sur moi – Where’s Waldo? He’s taking his chances…

Sharing – Somehow Guinness realized that artsy films a la Mr. Plow don’t work.

BONUS: The work-unsafer term reminded me of Victor Solomon‘s Words (Part 1). Some cuss words are in here too, “literally”.

Font Conference

I love the description:

This video wasn’t long enough, so we made it double-spaced.

Watch it – via Gruber


I wish all action movie trailers were this much fun. And have you ever seen a trailer to have sequels, well this one does.

Watch it all

Guys backflip into jeans

Glad someone else is doing this.

Watch it.

Pornstars in the wild!

If we can only be so lucky. Watch the Playstation ad.

Your Mother

“Your mama is so fat…” jokes in short film format.

Watch it.

Demonstration of the Dead

The Reel Splatter entry to the Diary of the Dead contest. When the National Association for the Advancement of the Living Impaired decides to sue George Romero, Channel 6 news is on the scene.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

On the Fourth Floor – Kick in the Nuts

Kinda like The Office but with a kick in your nuts. Episode 7.

Why Girls Don’t Fart

Another mistery solved…

Watch it. (Flash Video)

It’s a Horrible Life


Every time Dubya does something good, Richard Nixon gets his wings…

In “It’s a Wonderful Life” George Bailey finds out that his absence would make the world a less pleasant place. This is not true with everyone.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

If that link doesn’t work, try this one.

via Feldsparia

The Christmas Pie

Pie. It’s what’s for dinner.

Watch it. (Not Safe for Religious Zealots)

Ticklinks: Kill Santa or Santa Kills You!

Just because it Christmas, it doesn’t mean I got to be a better person, you know?

Bonus: Attack of the Magi.

You Are My Sunshine

…my only sunshine.

Watch it. (Flash Video, LSFW)

The Lesbionic Woman

I swear I only posted this because of title. LOL

Watch it. (Flash Video)

William Tell Goes Bowling

Just some low-brow fun.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

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