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Wallace And Gromit – A Matter Of Loaf And Death

I miss Gromit, good to see him again.

Watch it.

Kung Fu Ping Pong

Bruce Lee playing ping pong for a Nokia viral.

Watch it. (Flash Video)


I wish all action movie trailers were this much fun. And have you ever seen a trailer to have sequels, well this one does.

Watch it all

Superman: The Musical

Based on a failed 1960s Broadway musical, the 1975 TV special was part of ABC’s attempt at broadcasting “edgy” entertainment in order to compete with NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

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V: The Celebrity Rehab Invasion


All of the rehab-prone celebrities have been hiding a pretty big secret. Besides their rampant boozing and drug use.

From Robot Chicken, episode 54: Losin’ the Wobble.

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Wikipedia: Reptilian Humanoid conspiracies.

Deadly Finger

One of the funniest action shorts I have ever seen. A highlight of the recently completed Converge South Film Festival. The excellent program was curated by Andy Coon. I had a couple of films in the program, I will bring you more shorts from the festival later this week.

Watch it

Finishing The Game Trailer

Finishing The Game Trailer

The trailer is hilarious, I wonder if they have any jokes left for the feature. The plot:

The unexpected death of Bruce Lee, a worldwide phenomenon and established movie star, came at the zenith of his popularity. Having already shot scenes for his upcoming movie GAME OF DEATH, studio heads decided to complete the film by launching a search for his replacement attracting hopefuls from all around the world. FINISHING THE GAME is an uproarious, poignant, unpredictable and action-packed re-imagining of that casting process for Lee’s replacement and examines the leaps and bounds Asians have taken in media representation – or have they?

Part of Sundance 2007, sounds very promising.

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Jackie Chan’s Ten Greatest Hits

Probably the best stuntman-actor to have ever lived. I am shocked that he didn’t die from one of these injuries.

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Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) Makoto Nagano

Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) Makoto Nagano

Posting will be slow till next weekend, I am in the midst of shooting a film. The biggest production I have been able to have as a director. After what felt like a grueling day, it so nice to check your RSS feed and find one of my favorite bloggers is back to blogging and posting stuff like this.

Makoto Nagano is the 2nd guy to ever beat the Sasuke Obstacle Course! 2nd out of 2,400 people!

I am certainly impressed by the guy. No doubt, he’s got game, Ninja game. But I was impressed with the design of the obstacle course. I would love to try it. Not sure I would complete it but it sure looks like fun.

Watch itmore info on the event

How to Cope with Death


An old lady sits in her chair in front of a TV, gently sleeping. The Angel of Death takes a good look at her and decides she is clearly ripe for the picking.

Always wanted to upload this funny short animated film by Ignacio Ferreras. Somebody else did it. Thanks from my lazyness.

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via Llamame Lola

Child Beater

Two little brother team up to defeat their child beating dad.

(No kids were harmed in the production of this movie.)

Watch it here or just Read more

Kung Fu Hustle

A couple of funny clips from Stephen Chow‘s movie.

Watch Jack-Assassin. (Flash Video)

Watch Fight Challenge. (Flash Video)

Shoot from the crotch

Shoot from the crotch

Two hilarious fight scenes. I am still laughing my head off. I don’t know where the first clip is from but the second one stars Rajnikanth, a South Indian Megastar. Superstar would be understated, I am serious.

Watch them both


Combine gymnastics with karate and a new kind of martial arts super hero is born.

This is a real trailer for a b-movie. Not a parody. Really.

Watch it. (Flash video)

David Belle – Le Parkour (translated)

David Belle - Le Parkour (translated)

We featured some of these videos before but here is a short doc on the original Parkour. I don’t know why but this stuff is fascinating. And what I get out of it is that with enough practice, humans can achieve almost anything. There is more information including a New Yorker article on Kottke‘s site.

Watch it

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