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Coalition of the Willing

Coalition of the Willing is an animated film about an online war against global warming in a post-Copenhagen world.

The film is a collective opera produced at the Knife Party and will be released on the official website in 6 staggered ‘waves’ approximately 2 weeks apart, with 4-5 film sections uploaded in each wave.

Go for it.

‘Coalition of the Willing’ is an animated film about an online war against global warming in a post-Copenhagen world.

Film Radar Eighteen: Google Maps Road Trip

Missed Connections

I love the Missed Connections blog. This new video captures it quite beautifully. This new web series is very promising.

Concrete Jumble: Midtown Twist

Interesting video series from NYtimes.

An animated look — through the eyes of artist Gary Leib — at the characters, creatures and events that have contributed to the history of Midtown Manhattan.


Last Day Dream




Labuat: Soy tu aire

A beautiful interactive music video created by Badabing. Creative agency: Herraiz Soto & Co.

Interact with it. (Flash)

BONUS CLIP: The video projected live.

thanks Ahmad!

David Lynch Interview Project

It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Watch it.

And In That Moment, I Felt Infinite

And In That Moment, I Felt Infinite from Karen Abad ?s Dinosaurs..

Kutiman mixes YouTube

Amazingly, the title actually says all you need to know.

Enjoy! (needs: Flash)

thanks Ludo!

One in 8 million

Stories about New Yorkers from the New York Times.

Watch it – via Swissmiss.

Happy New Year!

I realized there was no need to gather tons of link. A couple of clips will do the trick. Then, roll up your sleeves cause it’s all up to you.

Watch Electrabel’s whishes. (MPEG-4)

Ludo at nozap also wishes you a happy new year.

François Macré – Thriller

I have always wanted to do this for a Radiohead song. Vocalize all the elements including instrumentation.

Watch it – via Kottke.

The Glue Society

Our Australian friendsThe Glue Society, a group of artists, designers and projecteers, have created these amazing series of sculptures and films commissioned by 42Below Vodka where they’ve created chair rainbows on the frozen tundra, a curb-side wrap party, gratuitous nudie pictures for airplanes passing by, a house of crates, and a blow-up doll’s vacation paradise.

– Hi-Fructose Magazine

Watch Videos

The Glue Society’s Website

Banksy’s Pet Shop


The distinguished graffitti artist Banksy has set up a most unusual “pet store” in New York’s Greenwich Village.

Watch it.

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