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3 short clips for art angel

For whatever reason, the creators of this video have not enabled embedding. However, take a second to check it out. Film as a medium is as fascinating as the people and voices in this video.

Link to the video

High Maintenance

A new web series that follows a weed delivery man and various clients he caters to. Fantastic performances with writing that feels and sounds so real that I can’t imagine the dialogue to be anything but transcriptions from real conversations. Sample below.

Reader Submissions – May


Interesting idea. Fascinating in a voyeuristic sort of way.

Follow the interactive web series here.

Reflection New York

There have been a lot of wonderful video portraits of NYC, this is one of my favorites.

Barter Wars!

You can comment and choose the winner here.

Birth of Christ during the age of Google and Facebook

Cat Diaries

If you have ever wondered what your pet does all day, well here is a taste. All that drama happening daily all around you.

(via PetaPixel)

New York Times – Fourteen Actors Acting

I can hardly explain what it is. From NYT Lens blog:

“You’re going from making iconic images to creating narratives,” he said, “but there is less of a narrative capacity in 60 seconds, so you need to create something like a poem that can lead your imagination.”

They are all weird oddities in their own way. Michael Douglas is the creepiest. One could write an epic novel based on those sixty seconds. Anthony Mackie’s piece is also a standout. Matt Damon is a welcome sight. James Franco, well, that makes sense.

See the entire collection here.

Craigslist TV “Accordion Idol”

What? I have never heard of Craigslist TV. The series and this episode are just lovely.

(via Kottke)

RSA Animate

I simply love these. See all of them here. These are my favorites:

The Wilderness Downtown

Code, maps, animation, live action all come together for this incredibly fascinating video.

Watch it. More info about the project here.

The Beauty of the Power Game

This New York Times video slideshow of top female tennis players hitting their strokes in slow motion is utterly beautiful. Elena Dementieva slice is more of a ballet move than a tennis stroke. The brief second Kim Clijsters takes to get back on her feet is a story onto itself.

Watch it.

Kubrick vs Scorsese

25 days, 34 films, 1 tribute by Leandro Copperfield.

Mark Kermode: The Science of 3D Explained

Smuuuuuuurfs!!! Bloody Smuuuuuuuurfs!!!

Watch it.

(via Wyld Stallions)

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