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The Art Of Flight Trailer

So epic!! See it if you haven’t already. Obviously, the daring skateboarding is incredible but so is the pilot that is maneuvering the helicopter. It all adds up to some of the best stunt shots I’ve ever seen.

I Can Has Trailer?

Go check the teaser and trailer for Life of Leopold, the new film by Victor Solomon.

Jah Lick Them With Thunder

The cinematic trailer for the game Brink is the work of Blur Studio. The game, developed by Splash Damage will be published by Bethesda.

Watch it.

Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer

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Link to watch the video.

Typophile Film Festival 5: Opening Titles

If eyes are meant for seeing
then beauty is its own excuse for being.


“Visual typographic feast about the 5 senses, and the way they contribute to enhance our creativity.”

Made by BYU design students for the 5th Typophile Film Festival. Creative director: Brent Barson. Everything in the film is real: no digital visual effects.

Watch it. (MPEG-4)


Poppy Film

Poppy is a “performance capture” CGI drama directed by James Cunningham (previously: The Natural Order) where a soldier from New Zealand finds redemption in the hell of the Great War.

Motion capture was performed in a one day shoot at Weta Digital. It just had it’s international premiere at Telluride Film Festival.

Watch the trailer at Poppy official website.

The Lovely Bones Trailer

I wasn’t a big fan of Lord of the Rings, probably get burnt at the stake for saying that online but it is true. But I have always been a fan of Peter Jackson and I can’t help getting excited about his new film.

Watch the trailer.

Tron 2: Flynn Lives Trailer

I am not a sci-fi fanatic. But holy sh*t. This looks great!!

Watch it.

Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island trailer

This is unlike anything Scorsese has done before. Watch the trailer here.

Playground – Trailer

Appalled by modern day sex slavery, filmmaker Libby Spears began a covert investigation to document the worldwide child sex trafficking problem, and to see how and if it led back to the United States.

Watch the moving trailer to the upcoming documentary and visit the official website to support the project.

Watch it

Where the Wild Things Are

Spike Jonze’s upcoming film promises to be incredible.

Watch it.

Ticklinks: Trailers we can believe in

*My expected rating. We will see how close I get.

Right Minded Opera

Two new movies from Leonardo Dalessandri. Well, not so new, but I’ve been away for a while, so they’re new to me…

Nabucco (Featurette): it must have been great to be there.

I benpensanti (Trailer): it must have been fun to be there.

Previously: Siempre me quedara, also in my Best of 2008.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Trailer 2

Watch itTrailer one.

Synecdoche, New York trailer

Directed by Charlie Kaufman. Enough said.

Watch it.

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