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Marilyn Myller

Gorgeous and full of ideas.

Random Stop

via Short of the Week

Johnny Express

Urban Predators



Blessing in Disguise



A string of imagery set in a way to create possibilities, not necessarily a confined story. Beautifully shot with a special interest in spaces.

Art for the sake of Art

Two videos and two people that use art for similar reasons but with completely different approaches.

Pixel Painter

Pardon My Dust

Update: August 12th, 2013
The Beach Captain

Tumbleweed Tango

Saving Norman

“Starring Willem Dafoe”! This Willem guy is pretty good.

Raw Data

Keep your eyes fixed on those eyes, it gets trippy. This video creates a new category for itself: animation improvisation.

Joel Compass “Back To Me”

A tale told only with cinemagraphs. Lovely black & white cinematography.

Address Is Approximate

At times, this short reaches incredible heights. I wish it had a little more story.

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