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Slumdog Wedding

Southern wedding gets the Rahman treatment. Somebody needs to hire this guy as an editor.

Watch it.

New Media Douchebags Explained

The Twitter’s and Facebook’s of this internet world help people share content. That isn’t a bad thing. We can’t expect people to only create and share their content. However, I can’t deny I haven’t had this exact feeling before.

Watch it – via Swissmiss.

The New Pop – Heading to the innaugaration

I have seen so much coverage about the innaugaration of Barack Obama but this is clearly the best. Trevz, an African American New Yorker goes to Washington D.C to experience the once in a life time moment for himself. We don’t have the great technology wizardry of the network cable news do but here is a perspective that is much truer to the experience.

Watch Part one, two, three, four.

John August’s The Remnants (featuring Ze Frank!)

Lost but with characters who take themselves less seriously. Promising show. Can’t wait for the second episode. Last line says it all: “The end of the world, is not that bad.”

Watch it.

Best Online Videos for 2008

We have posted some wonderful stuff this year, our annual best-of list gives us a chance to celebrate some of them. Dek has a great round up of his favorites. Also, our 2006, 2007 lists.


Best Short: Glory at Sea – A 25 minute tour de force that uses a contemporary tragedy (Katrina disaster) to create a powerful myth that seems as old as the hills.

Special Mentions:

Best Stop Motion: Illuminant – To experience this on a big screen like I did at Carrboro Film Festival was incredible.

We posted quite a few innovative stop-motion video including Lucia & Adjustment

Best Short Doc: Bullet Proof Vest

Best Hidden Product Placement: The Ramp

Best Acting in Shorts: R.L. Jackson & Tori Lee in Remember When

Best Abstract film: Pencil Face


Special mentions for Animations:


Best Web Video: Dr. Horrible – It is nice to see big name talent doing web content. It certainly lived up to the hype. Hopefully, this is a sign of good things to come.

Special mentions:

Music Video

Best Music video: Fleet Foxes: White Winter Hymnal – After a year full of shocking videos, especially in content, the one video that haunted me was Sean Pecknold‘s animated classic. Simple in style, resonant story and a great fuckin’ song.

Sexiest Music Video of the year: Toe Jam

Special mentions Music videos:


Best Commercial: JC Penney: Aviator – Also the cutest video of the year. The direction is pitch perfect.

Other awards

Best Interview of the Year: Katie Couric’s interview with Sarah Palin – Unintentionally hilarious that changed the course of the presidential elections.

Best Parody: SNL’s version of Katie Couric’s interview with Sarah Palin – Saturday Night Live came back with a bang. Even more wicked than the original.

Best Online Radio: This American Life: Super

Note: Some of these videos were not released in 2008, they are included here because this is when we discovered them.

Ticklinks: Autumn

Steve Brodner – Meltdown

Another excellent rendering from the New Yorker.

Watch it.

I Love Progress Bars

Kirby Ferguson can be quite insightful. I love how he uses status bars to illustrate a larger point: we (tech geeks in particular) have a problem being in the moment. Well, this is what I get out of it.

Watch it.

Squigglebooth: Favorite Childhood Photos

We have started a new project on Squigglebooth where we ask viewers to submit their favorite photos from childhood and then call in to tell us why the photo they have chosen is their favorite. We then use these elements to create a video. Some of the recent submissions:

To learn how to submit your own favorite childhood photos, check this page for instructions and guidelines. To see all submissions, check here.

Head of Skate

It is now officially a Palin day on Ticklebooth.

After hearing Matt Damon’s brilliant comparison of a Sarah Palin presidency to a bad Disney movie, I called up Sam and said “Let’s make a trailer for what that movie would look like.” Within hours, Dan and Amir were writing it, Ben and the CHTV crew were casting and producing it, and two weeks later, here it is.

Perfect. Thanks Damon.

Watch it – via Gruber.

Hell No! to the bailout

Amy Goodman talks about the bailout.

JUAN GONZALEZ: Bob Scheer, the issue also of this rush to pass this legislation—I’m reminded somewhat of the PATRIOT Act after 9/11: an immense tragedy occurs, and immediately they try to rush through legislation without many of the members of Congress even having a handle as to what it really contains.

ROBERT SCHEER: Oh, it’s absolutely outrageous, and we can’t let them get away with it. I mean, consider that Paulson was the head of Goldman Sachs, OK? He knew about credit swaps. He knew about hybrid instruments. He knew all of this stuff. And now he’s the guy that says Congress has to give him a blank check, it has to be a pure bill? Nonsense!

This is our money. Why isn’t this money used to help people who are going to lose their houses? You miss two, three payments, and they’re going to foreclose on you; then they say, “Well, we hope the banks will work out new agreements.” Nonsense! Do a freeze on foreclosures. Stop the bleeding. Have a year to let it settle, and force the banks to come to agreements.

Listen to or read the show transcripts – via Gruber

Adam Kimmel: Claremont HD

Wow. Better than any rollercoaster.

Watch it.

Philip Bloom – Portrait of Siberia

One of favorite podcasters is Philip Bloom’s. Stunning photography, semi-private portraits. He threads the line somewhere between art/documentary/music video/technical exercise.

Watch it (more tomorrow)

24-hour trip to NYC

Sometimes it stretches a little far but poignant nevertheless. I miss NYC!

Watch it.

Taxiplasm – Whole


a more meditative extension of my previous post with an assimilation of where insecurity meets intimacy.

Watch it.

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