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California is a place.

This is an incredible series. These were my favorites:


Fightclub in the Silicon Valley.


Portraits of the men that volunteer to patrol the borders. Controversial but they need to be heard.

California is a Place website where you will find more great content.

Dueling Cameras

Not the kind of videos we post here but this simple video is perfect in its own little way.

Sparrow Songs – Fall Begins in Trona, CA

I like how the video embraces the rhythm of the town.

Finish Line

What happens when you die? A question we all ask. Here is a web series that asks its subject this one question. Answers presented in a raw uncut format.

Check it out here.

Craigslist TV “Accordion Idol”

What? I have never heard of Craigslist TV. The series and this episode are just lovely.

(via Kottke)

RSA Animate

I simply love these. See all of them here. These are my favorites:

World’s Longest Yardsale

Very entertaining.

Watch it.

Hollywood vs. New York

Fantastic stuff from Goodiebag.

Goodiebag – 2012 and The Conspiracy Conspiracy

Missed Connections

I love the Missed Connections blog. This new video captures it quite beautifully. This new web series is very promising.

A Walkthru with Kathleen Connally

I spent a morning with photographer Kathleen Connally several years back. We talked, we walked. I came back hoping to put something together immediately but life got a little crazy and I had to put it aside. Till now.

Many of things we discussed that misty morning still come back to me from time to time. I think Kathleen has one of the healthiest perspectives on her art & her work. She loves what she does, she has a purpose and she is comfortable with her talent.

You can follow her popular award-winning photoblog at

What Facebook Is For

Low Budget

Fantastic comedic series. I am hooked.

Official site.

Secrets of a top TV editor

Apollo’s Pad

Hot puppet action coming to you in a regular basis.

Watch it.

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