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Polcarstva (Russian for “Half a Kingdom”) is a gorgeous piece of interactive art that comes from the amazing talents of Denis Stepkin and U Studio of Russia. Travel through a surrealist’s world, using standard point-and-click mechanics, and enjoy the music and scenery along the way.

Watch it. (Flash)

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GTA 4: LCPD Trailer

Join the LCPD and fight the Terror. Yes, the Terror…

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Bow Street Runner


Bow Street Runner is a historically accurate detective game where you have to investigate the locations in order to find clues and evidence.

The game is set in Covent Garden, London, in the 1750s, when crime and vice had hit unprecedented levels.

Play! (Flash)

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Anika’s Odyssey: Land of the Taniwha


We rarely post games here, but this one deserves it. Not that it is very innovative, nor challenging. But this little point-and-click is just like an illustrated book for (grown-up) children. You open it, and for ten (twenty, thirty…) minutes you actually are into it.

Play it. (Flash)

Don’t Call it a Game!


With all the money and the effort that Sony, Microsoft (and perhaps Nintendo?) are putting in them, they’ve become the new big thing in the promo industry. (Ok, looks like I’m repeating myself)

On the Microsoft side, we got Halo 3 and Bioshock. The former is being pushed by Neil Blomkamp‘s short movies inspired to the series, which are also aimed at supporting his feature film.

WATCH: Halo Combat, pt. IArms Race – More stuff

As for Bioshock, which looks like a good reason to update my PC, there are some nice commercials and trailers, realized at Eyeball NYC. (via Lola)

WATCH: Bioshock X06 trailer60 sec spot – More stuff

If you follow No Fat Clips!!! you certainly know of Sony‘s efforts to push Heveanly Sword as their killer application for the PS3. An animated series by Ben Hibon, a series of making of featurettes, dozens of design studios, music by Nitin Sawhney, dramatic direction by Andy “Gollum” Serkis, motion capture by Weta Digital… I hope that the game will at least be fun to play…

VISIT Heavenly Sword website. (Downloads available on NFC)

Last but not least, an honorable mention for Tabula Rasa.

WATCH: Tabula Rasa Intro – More stuff



The aim of the game is to guide the child while he’s sleepwalking, to reunite him with his pet.

The controls are a little too involuted, but the dreamy mood of the game makes it something more than the ordinary games.

Play it. (Flash)

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The Latest on Mario Bros Meme

Mario Bros is one the most exploited characters when you want to do some funny flick about videogames. Here are two recent recreations of the first level from Super Mario Bros, NES version.

The first one is a stop motion rendition that uses lego bricks and characters. The second one uses the popular Line Rider engine. They are both not completely faithful to the original design, to make a better use of the animation technique used. And that’s probably why I choosed those among the countless bunch of similar videos.

Watch Mario Bros Lego. (Flash Video)

Watch Line Rider: Mario Bros. (Flash Video)

There’s a nice Java clone of Mario here, if you’d like to play…

Phil Fill Fast


In the authors‘ words:

This game is a comment on Fast food. Pepsi released a game a few months back championing their Pepsi cola. It had some fit looking guy drinking cola, busting walls. We did a spin on it and made him get bigger the more he drank with the added bonus of burgers, colas friend. Given that obesity has become such a global problem we thought it fitting to do a spin on the pushers. In a sense it is a total rip off but with a social comment.

Play Phil Fill Fast. (Flash)

Play Pepsi Nex Game. (Flash)

Rube Goldberg Device with Half Life 2

Rube Goldberg Device with Half Life 2Rube Goldberg Device with Half Life 2Rube Goldberg Device with Half Life 2

For all you gamers out there. Why defy the physical world when you can do it virtually?

Watch it

1K Project II

1K Project II 1K Project II

1000 cars racing at the same time – Trackmania Sunrise

It has this child-like feeling to it. The cars don’t crash, the just bounce back into the race. They fly into the air from ramps, lose themselves in the race. I am not really into games, and I am not even interested in this one but I love the feeling of the video.

Watch it – via Metafilter

Everything I Do is Art, But Nothing I Do Makes Any Difference

Chris Really recreated his friend’s art installation into a playable level for Half Life 2.

And then blew it all up.

Watch the exhibition. (Quicktime)

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