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Hitchcock’s early film restored

See it here. Great silent cinema storytelling.

Congress: A Thousand Years of Death

Weston Currie‘s Congress: A Thousand Years of Death is the comprehensive history of a haunted American town. The film begins in prehistory, ends in the distant future, and finds time in the middle to tell the story of Congress’ founding family, the Turners. Structurally, it is episodic and elliptical; each segment is a fantasia of death and dreams…

Watch a sequence from the film.

Sita Sings the Blues (Full Film)

The 2008 animated feature film written, directed, produced and animated by Nina Paley (previously we posted Battle of Lanka, one of the musical clips which gave the start to the movie) Sita Sings the Blues is available online with a Creative Common license, that is free as in beer and as in speech.

Download. Watch. Donate.

feature films on youtube…legally

Have a look at Youtubes new channel where you can watch feature-length films legally. There are for example:

Have a look at all the movies.

Opening credits for Watchmen

I have a sudden interest in the movie after watching this opening.

Watch it.

Requiem of a Dream

One of the great American movies available in full for US viewers.

Watch it.

The Fall opening title sequence

Starts simply, then builds and builds to its powerful climatic image.

Watch it.

To Kill A Mockingbird title sequence

I forgot how beautiful this film was. The opening sequence is especially incrdible.

Watch the title sequenceI am seriously addicted to all of this.

Sideways available on Hulu

You need to have an account to watch it. But creating an account is free.

Watch it.

Les dents de la nuit

And here’s a different take on vampires and movie titles.

The sequence was lovely crafted at Deubal, while the movie is the debut feature of Stephen Cafiero and Vincent Lobelle AKA Les Elvis.

Watch. (MPEG-4)

Download. (Huge MOV)

Postman always rings twice

I watched it again, expecting to be bored, after all I knew how it ends. But the plot and story were so incredibly thrilling that I once again started to fall into suspense. The elaborate plot never felt too fast or too confusing. If you have never seen it, you should.

IMDB page.

No Country For Gay Men

The original and the gay version. (via Andy)

Corrado: A Production Blog


Italian director Adamo Paolo Cultraro is shooting his first feature film and is writing down basically every detail about the production process.

The movie, entitled Corrado, stars Tom Sizemore and Joseph R. Gannascoli from The Sopranos.

Read it!

Adamo’s MySpace.

Saul Bass opening scenes

Odd that some title sequences are better appreciated than the movies. We have covered this territory before but never in this detail.

Watch it.

3:19 Titles


Motionographer has the beautiful title sequence for 3:19, feature film directed by Dany Saadia.

The clip is the work of Mucho Motion with OneSize and Rune Entertainment.

Read MoreDownload (MPEG-4)

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