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Cheetahs on the Edge

The first long shot is mesmerizing.

Hitchcock’s early film restored

See it here. Great silent cinema storytelling.

Inner-City Wizard School

Brilliant piece of parody. More from Key & Peele.


The music was too repetitive but the visuals are just stunning. Worth the price of admission.

NYC Dark

The power cut off in New York City after Hurricane Sandy. The video is an inside look at what it felt and looked liked.

The Modern Dance

This meticulous video is full of original ideas.

Election Day – Absurdity on steroids

“The White Establishment Is Now The Minority” – Bill O’Reilly

Karl Rove Freaks Out About Fox News Calling The Election For Obama

University of Mississippi students riot over Obama’s victory

Not sure if this is legit.

Subtext: We see a big black man near a door, we’re scared. Even if he politely opens doors for you.


Beautifully realized. Strong visuals. The ending doesn’t come as a surprise, the twist is a constant refrain of shorts. There is only so much that can be done in a short film format but I did wish the film could have continued for a longer period and delved into some of its ideas.