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And In That Moment, I Felt Infinite

And In That Moment, I Felt Infinite from Karen Abad ?s Dinosaurs..

The Vendor Client relationship – in real world situations

(via James Duncan Davidson)

A Lull – Skinny Fingers

A Lull “Skinny Fingers” from A Lull on Vimeo.


A WET DAY from Michael Fragstein.

Sorry I’m Late

Quicktime version available here.

Bali Culture Part 2: Tooth Filing

Bali Culture Part 2:…Tooth Filing (Matatah) from Jan van der Meer.

One of the remarkable ceremonies in a Hindu Balinese life is tooth filing. When girls get their first menstruation and boys voice changes, they let their teeth file. It is called ‘Matatah’ in common Balinese. It is believed that pointed teeth are related to animal characters, witches, or bad evils. So, in order to be fully human, the teeth should be filed. Tooth filing is also done to reduce six evil spirits within a human being, called ‘Sad Ripu’. ‘Sad’ means six and ‘Ripu’ means ‘enemy’. They are Kama (desire), Loba (greed). Kroda (anger), Mada (intoxication), Moha (confusion) and Matsarya (jealousy). After filing, a father’s duties to his female children are generally regarded as complete. This mini-doc shows this ceremony from a smaller family in the mountains between Candidasa and BugBug. To save high costs for an extra ceremony (priest, dentist (!), food, drinks, pigs, tuak, rice, coconut fruits, etc) these happenings also sometimes take place during a wedding or like in this case with another very remarkable ceremony of baptizing a little baby. Balinese children are not allowed to stand on their feet for 210 days. I will show in Part 3.

New Yorker cover painted on an iPhone

The companion article.

Forgotten Places

Forgotten Places from ?Zac Boyet?.

A textbook for future horror film set designers.


Forget from Michael Fragstein.

Cotton Stones

Cotton Stones from Jonathan Entwistle.

I just love these talented young actors. Wow. Strong in every element but the performances carry it.

100% Pure Orange Juice

ImageBanana - Untitled1.jpg
Great little stop motion film. Watch it.

Streakers Lover Story

I don’t care if this could be fake.

Lingerie made in Pakistan

Hilarious that the workers have no idea what they are making. Wouldn’t this video get the owners in hot water?

Watch it – via Kottke.

This One Time

Last Day Dream

Someone’s whole life in 45 seconds (in first person perspective). Simply amazing.

Watch it

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