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New Media Douchebags Explained

The Twitter’s and Facebook’s of this internet world help people share content. That isn’t a bad thing. We can’t expect people to only create and share their content. However, I can’t deny I haven’t had this exact feeling before.

Watch it – via Swissmiss.

Ida’s Luck

Beautifully storytelling of a little girl with dark eyes and mysterious powers.

Part one & two. More Skary. (thanks T. Storm)

Oscar tidbits

Live action Oscar Short Nominees available in iTunes

The links will open in iTunes. The nominees:

Available in the US. Thanks Seanie.

Yankee Gal

Reminded me of Abigail a little. Titillating animation from four Supinfocom students.

Watch it.

Bill Clinton explains Obama’s stimulus beautifully

I am coming around on the stimulus bill partly because I am getting over the amount of money spent, what that money will take away from (Universal health care) but more importantly I trust Obama and team know are better equipped in finding answers than I am.

Look how well Bill Clinton expresses the reasoning behind this.

Glowing Cities Under a Nighttime Sky

Captures my mood when I am flying.

Watch it – via Kottke.

Bearded Joaquin Phoenix On Letterman

I love Letterman.

Watch it (Thanks Julea).

Update: link fixed.

Me and Mom

A perfect little universe onto to itself.

Watch it.


Indian it up.

Watch it.

Little Man

The Don Juan of the sandlot. I wish I’d been even half as creative in getting to the ladies.

Watch it Try here – via I Heart Pluto.

John Law and the Mississippi Bubble

From the National Film Board in Canada:

In this animated short, Richard Condie offers up a history lesson about one of the most sensational get-rich-quick schemes that took place in France over 200 years ago. With economist John Law at the helm, the plan was to open a bank and exchange bank notes for gold at wildly inflated share prices to mask the fact that the country’s gold had been depleted in the building of Louis XIV’s palace. When the inevitable rush to cash in the notes takes place, poor John Law is left broke and broken-hearted.

Watch it.

Fleet Foxes – Mykonos

Sean Pecknold directs another classic for Fleet Foxes (the last one won the Best Music video of 2008). Two triangles is all it takes to create an epic drama.

Watch the video & here is the making of.

It’s Your Ride

It’s Your Ride from Cinecycle.

Probably the prettiest portrait of biking in New York City. It makes me miss the Big Apple. The cinematography is fantastic.

Late Fragment

I am curious about this interactive DVD. The trailer reminds me a lot of Atom Egoyan’s Exotica.

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