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Unlocked is the story of a teenager, Abby, coping with her mother’s terminal illness. When a charming man soliciting for cancer research stops her on the street, she sees in him someone who has shared her experience.

Directed by Daryl Wein.

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The Big Picture – Mumbai under attack

Powerful essay on the recent acts of cowardice and heroism in Mumbai.

Damien Jurado – Caskets

Damien Jurado - Caskets

Set at the turn of the century and shot in the epic landscapes of Eastern Washington, the video invokes the hard times of the pioneer past.

The music video has been directed by Matt Daniels and produced by Jaime Keeling at Thinklab.

Watch it as: Flash Video (HD) or MPEG-4 (SD)

BONUS: Additional materials include a photo gallery, a behind the scenes video and an interview.

The Glue Society

Our Australian friendsThe Glue Society, a group of artists, designers and projecteers, have created these amazing series of sculptures and films commissioned by 42Below Vodka where they’ve created chair rainbows on the frozen tundra, a curb-side wrap party, gratuitous nudie pictures for airplanes passing by, a house of crates, and a blow-up doll’s vacation paradise.

– Hi-Fructose Magazine

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The Glue Society’s Website

Bottlecap Assassins

One of the many gems that will be playing at the Carrboro Film Festival this weekend.

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Kung Fu Ping Pong

Bruce Lee playing ping pong for a Nokia viral.

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Shock and Awe

Shock and Awe

An Iraqi family’s meal is interrupted by the sounds of incoming missiles. They share a surprisingly intimate moment as they wait uncertainly under the dining room table.

Written and Directed by Chase Palmer. Director of photographt Andrij Parekh. Edit and Sound Design Miky Wolf.

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Daito Manabe – electric stimulus to face

I can’t possibly post anything cooler than this. A man sacrifices his face in the name of…videoblogging?

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Toyota Corolla Cat ad

Creative for a car ad. Not saying much, is it? Nevertheless, this one is outstanding.

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Seat 29E

A complaint letter written to Continental Airlines about a seat located next to the bathroom.

A short film by Elena Wen.

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Who Killed Amanda Palmer

Solo album from Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls, “Who Killed Amanda Palmer” has every song linked to a simple music video, as if the entire album was released as a narrative video sequence. Hmm, interesting, and one will catch his heart beat a decimal too high to the song “Guitar Hero”.

Watch the video series here:

Dr. Horrible

Josh Whedon, writer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, directs this videoblog/show starring Neil Patrick Harris. Be a little patient because it picks up from its slow start wonderfully.  A clever tale with ample amounts of wit.

Watch itdownload it on iTunes.

This is an incredibly successful internet phenomenon (making it to the Time’s Best Inventions of 2008!!). A couple of thoughts:

Sideways available on Hulu

You need to have an account to watch it. But creating an account is free.

Watch it.

The Time Sculpture Has You

What you get when a big company decides to spend $4.7million on a commercial campaign? Well, apparently over 20 Terabytes of video data shot with 200 Toshiba Gigashot HD camcorders, taking over 336 continuous hours to process.

Oh, and a washed out, cheap looking, meaningless, ready-made version of Tango. But people will love it because it’s, oh, soooo cool.

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By day, Mooney is an over-achieving, six year-old girl living with her Grandparents at their junkyard in the forest. By night, Mooney is a member of a secret jazz band with a group of ex-convict animals.

A short film by Heui Won Jeong and Justin Murphy.

Read my review or just watch the short.

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