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Katie Couric interviews Sarah Palin: Funniest interview of the year!!

This is funnier than any SNL writer can possibly think up. The final question and answer is just one of funniest moments of this election season. When Palin tries to insult Obama by saying he blows with the wind, she licks her finger and puts it up in the air. Hahahah! She is entertaining in the way Bush was.

Watch it.

Update: Second part of the interview is even more absurd. I challenge anyone who thinks this person is competent enough to be the President. Longer version.


One Response to “Katie Couric interviews Sarah Palin: Funniest interview of the year!!”

  1. Scott on October 2nd, 2008 7:55 pm

    You mean entertaining in the way Bush IS!

    Seriously, most of these questions were what I like to call “gimme” questions…..warm-up stuff….”what periodicals do you read”….”what Supreme Court decisions do you not agree with”…seriously, these are not stumper type questions. These are nice, easy questions to get her going. Instead she totally bombs them and can’t even commit to reading one newspaper!?? What’s next? “What’s your favorite TV show?”…OH, ALL OF THEM! Her response to the bailout plan was comical and scary at the same time. It’s like she strung together a big chain of separate thoughts and called it her opinion. Strange stuff indeed.

    Man, we haven’t talked in a while….since before Palin was chosen. We need to talk.