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JibJab – Time for Some Campaignin’

On what has become an electoral tradition, the JibJab crew sets their eyes on Obama & McCain (& Hilary).

Watch it (via Crooks & Liars)

Minor League Giants

A photo slideshow by Porter Gifford about little league baseball. Lovely.

Watch it (via Shoot the Blog)

Creatures comforts – Being a bird

I never get tired of this.

Watch it.

White Red Panic

white red panic

Beautifully edited, directed and color corrected. More importantly, it is full of outstanding performances. The lead actor (Bass Stewart) needs an agent now, if he doesn’t have one already.

Makes my day when people submit stuff like this.

Watch it (official site, QT download available)

Postman always rings twice

I watched it again, expecting to be bored, after all I knew how it ends. But the plot and story were so incredibly thrilling that I once again started to fall into suspense. The elaborate plot never felt too fast or too confusing. If you have never seen it, you should.

IMDB page.

Radiohead video hoopla

It blows my mind how Radiohead manages to stay fresh in the public’s eye. I love it because Radiohead is one of my favorite bands of all time. I think part of the charm in this and other Radiohead projects is that the band is never gun shy about taking risks, no matter how big or successful they get.

Unrelated but earlier today

Screen Kiss

Does everybody kiss the same on film?

Me and Billy Bob, a recent DVD and web project, takes as its subject a ‘crush’ I have on actor and musician Billy Bob Thornton.
Unfortunately, Billy Bob has not responded, and I am ready to make him jealous. Screen Kiss features several popular actors including Daniel Day Lewis,Vincent Gallo, Johnny Depp, and one actress, Billy Bob’s former wife Angelina Jolie. In each case I inserted myself into existing film scenes as stand-in for the actresses or actor being kissed by or engaged in other gestures of romance with these stars. I make eye contact with the camera, which functions as voyeur and Billy Bob’s, presumably jealous, eye.

Watch it (via Kottke)

Tobias Stretch – Transmutation

Dang, I don’t know how this got lost in my mailbox. Urrghh!

This is a rough sketch for a Aniboom Radiohead competition by Tobias Stretch whose earlier work is simply out of this world.

Take a peek.

Gordian worms: Suicide worms

This is so creepy. Poor little crickets.

Ten Songs about Photographs

Excellent compilation of songs and videos about photographs.

Watch and Read.

Ticklinks: Girls & Goddesses

Some of this isn’t safe for work.

Obama: ‘America Already Has One Dr. Phil’

Obama is quite entertaining here. His targets are two of the most respected Republican Senators: John McCain, & Phil Gramm. I constantly disagree with these folks but they aren’t the usual idiotic Republican bobbleheads that talk out of their asses. I personally have never understood why Phil Gramm hasn’t run for the presidency. [oops, he did run] So it was surprising to hear that Phil Gramm call America “a nation of whiners”.

Thankfully, Obama takes both Gramm and McCain to school.

Watch it.


I wish all action movie trailers were this much fun. And have you ever seen a trailer to have sequels, well this one does.

Watch it all

Covering Euro 2008: Video technology

Pretty cool stuff.

School of Life

The end has many Youtube commenters losing their marbles.

Watch it.

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