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Viva Calaca!!

A 3 minutes animation video, based on the Day of the Dead, celebrated every year in Mexico.

Viva Calaca!! is a personal project by the young Art Director and Digital Designer Ritxi Ostáriz with music by Voltaire.

Go for it!

Young Hillary Clinton

Is this the first time Hillary Clinton has refused to drop out of a race? Never before seen footage of a young Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Created by and starring Jerry O’Connell and Brandon Johnson. Also starring Laci Kay as Young Hillary Clinton.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Remember When

Touching piece. Actors R.L. Jackson & Tori Lee are just tremendous. Wow!

Watch it in very large QTa smaller flash available on the front page (subject to change).

Hotel Relais

Some gorgeous timelapse in this corporate video for a luxury hotel company directed by Bante at Scoutit.

Watch it. (MPEG-4)

Sydney Aquarium: Fish Piss

The Sydney Aquarium has recruited Melbourne comedian Dave Callan to explain why it’s a good idea to see the sharks behind glass, despite of what Al Gore may think of it.

Filming was shot by Octavio De Lellis via Monkey Lab.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

via Duncan’s

Hokusai: An Animated Sketchbook

A short animated film on the life of the great Japanese artist Hokusai.

This won the 1978 British Academy Award for Best Short Factual Film, and was written, directed, and animated by Tony White.

Watch it. (Flash Video)

via Cartoon Brew

Lights Outs

Scary things happen in the dark…

Watch it. (Flash Video)

Favorite Scenes: Little Big Man – Old Lodge Skin wants to die

One of my favorite quotes are the lines from Arthur Penn’s Little Big Man.

Old Lodge Skins, the wise Indian who wants to die looks up into the clouds and says:

Come out and fight! It is a good day to die! Thank You for making me a Human Being! Thank You for helpin’ me to become a warrior! Thank You for my victories, and for my defeats! Thank You for my vision, and the blindness in which I saw further! You make all things and direct them in their ways, O Grandfather. And now You have decided the Human Beings will soon walk a road that leads nowhere. I am gonna die now, unless death wants to fight. And I ask You for the last time to grant me my old power to make things happen.

Watch it

Especially resonant is the thanks for becoming a warrior. This has something I have learned slowly and steadily. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I have learned to fight but that I have learned to be courageous to do what I want to do.

New dance craze: Fishstick Dance

Even I can do it.

Little Minx – Exquisite Corpse

little minx
Based on the French Parlor game, this new web series by various filmmakers features individual shorts that respond to the last line of text from the previous director’s script. Some of the connections are quite loose.

With eyes of every man riveted on her – Like many of the films here, excellent shooting and casting.

She turns back and faces forward, at peace – Lovely idea. I expected it to end more cynically and I am glad it didn’t. Not necessarily a happy ending but the character fights beautifully.

She walked calmly disappearing into the darkness – Repetitive. A lot of potential, I am not sure it delivered.

Without missing a beat, she asks “Waffles for Breakfast?” – The weakest of the bunch.

And she stares longingly at what she has lost – “Exquisitely” shot. Beautifully directed. A great reason to love short films.


The last graceful moments of life as it all comes crashing down.

Watch it.

Lau Nau: Painovoimaa, valoa

Beautiful and simple. Makes you want to reach out and touch it.

Watch it – via SiouxWIRE

Pork and Beans

The dysfunctional family of internet celebrities come together for this Weezer song.

Watch it.

Cornelius: Omstart

At times, this beautiful video feels like a advanced 3D school project in terms of its minimalist shapes and color. However, looking past those exteriors, you are confronted with some complex and though provoking ideas.

Watch it – via antville.

Orangutan tries to make it in Hollywood

Seriously, this is Hollywood! I wish they would do one for directors and writers in Hollywood (at least they don’t ask us to take our shirts off).

Watch it.

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